I am the lady
of the lake
from my hands
Excalibur take

You will be
the true king
of all the realm
to you it bring

It’s power is
so very great
take it now
this is your fate

For legends written
of you there’ll be
the greatest king
the world did see

Excalibur from me
take if you’re able
and be king Arthur
of the round table!

Teresa Marie  9/18/11

Where I Can Be

In my storybook dreams
where I can be

Anything that I want
imagination is set free

Maid Marianne in Nottingham
when meeting Robin Hood

And fighting off the Sheriff
on the side of good

Or maybe even Cinderella
with her wicked step-sisters

Who trades in her rags
for some glass slippers

I could also be
as Joan of Arc too

In my fantasy world
nothing I can’t do

I love to read
and let myself go

Where my life’s different
and problems can’t follow

Somewhere down the line
the storybook still ends

And the time is
over that it suspends

When your real life
floods back in again

But you hold on
to next time when

You can once more
into your book escape

And create the world
in your own shape!

Teresa Marie   9/16/11