Illuminating Flashes

Finely Spun

Silken Lies – Chõka

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Something Feigned

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For all of those who are hurting right now from some sort of betrayal, you know who you are – and you are beautiful to me!!

Free Falling

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On a tightrope I race
through the air and space
while they attempt to displace
the truth to my disgrace

Lie upon lie they add
trying their story to pad
when the reality’s so sad
that they’re all barking mad

One day ’twill be known
when light of day’s shone
on how it has all grown
in the mind of one alone

Let the battle be won
when all’s said and done
in truth what was begun
has been seen by everyone

For God has rescued me
through my life’s history
just as now will He
from this tightrope set me free!

Teresa Marie  11/22/11

All Those Laughing

All those who are laughing
believe that I’m laughing too
but they don’t even realize
them I see right through

They’re all acting so happy
while stabbing the backs of
each one of those friends
they are supposed to love

With all their phony hugs
and fake kisses on cheeks
not a single one has
a thing that he seeks

Spinning their web of lies
out of the both sides
the mouth they kissed with
and the truth everyone hides

Two faced as can be
they all wear their mask
I am not being fooled
as in deceit they bask

With the best of them
a while I can pretend
but it doesn’t take long
to reach my wit’s end!

Teresa Marie  11/17/11 

Find A Way

Know that I will
always find a way
to make my escape
from you some day

You drag me back
and I will run
’cause you don’t realize
I’m a loaded gun

Everything that you do
or try to say
will come back around
on to you anyway

You will shoot yourself
in the foot alone
there is nothing in
you that I condone

‘Cause you have abused
my mother and me
don’t believe your lies
I have eyes to see!

Teresa Marie  10/13/11

No Questions

Ask me no questions
I’ll tell no lies

But I’ll keep you guessing insted

Why not come here
look into my eyes

Tell me what’s in my head?

Am I not enticing?
Succumb to my allure

And let’s speak words of love

Get to know me
I am quite sure

I’m everything you could think of

I’ll chew you up
and spit you out

While you don’t suspect a thing

Ask me no questions
’cause there’s no doubt

No comfort to you it’ll bring!

Teresa Marie   8/27/11

Better To Be Hated

Better to be hated
for what you are
then be compensated
with being a star

Who is so loved
for what they’re not
the self they’ve gloved
is all but forgot

For when you shine
as a light untrue
all heaven Divine
knows you do

They can always see
the soul down deep
inside you and me
that eternity will keep

So you must remember
all those stories you tell
January through December
 will mean heaven or hell.

Teresa Marie  8/9/11