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Dreams, Visions or Imagination?

I have a friend who is struggling with this issue right now.  Someone is telling her that they are seeing visions and another person is telling her that they are just dreaming these “visions”.  This is a hard issue to determine for many of us.  

I thought I would do this post for her benefit but also for anyone else who might be in a similar position.

Many of my older followers already know that Mark and I both have had near-death experiences.  Many of you newer ones may not.  Many of you also know that in my late teens I was visited by 3 demons as well.

I know there are those who would swear that I dreamed it about the demons, but (as the Bible says) I KNOW THAT I KNOW this was a true occurence.

There are those out there who don’t believe N.D.E.’s either.  Some think it’s just the last sparks of the dying brain that make you imagine the Light and the tunnel, etc.  Or it’s the medication’s effects on the brain that makes you hallucinate.  I’ve never quite understood how they can think that explanation is plausible because millions upon millions of people have experienced a visit to heaven or hell before they were brought back from the grave and each accounting of what they saw is very similar to the other.  How can everybody imagine the same thing?

I know there are growing numbers of Muslims/Hindus/Buddhists/atheists that are converting to Christianity because they have experienced a visit from Jesus Himself in a dream/vision.

I believe in all these things!  I also believe that when people are growing closer to their time, they are more apt to have these visions/visits.  Especially the terminally ill.  

My best friend Penny’s parents both died after bouts with cancer.  Her mother was first.  She told Penny that she was not afraid, that an angel stood outside the window every day watching over her.  When it was time, she went with a smile and repeating “Jesus, Jesus”.

When it was her dad’s turn, he told her that her mother came often to visit and comfort him.  By the time of the end, he was too weak to speak or even move his limbs but at the very end, he repeatedly raised his arms in the air like a child who was reaching out to be picked up in their parent’s arms.

When Mark’s 8-year-old step-daughter had a cancerous brain tumor and had gone home for her final days, she told Mark that an angel came to her room and talked with her several times a day to comfort her and tell her all about heaven.  He told her not to be afraid and that he would be there to take her when the time was right.  She told him not to worry ’cause she wasn’t scared at all!!

I could go on and on about this and some of the things that I know, but it’s up to you whether you want to believe them or not.  The trickster makes you want to doubt them; to give scientific explanations for them; to logically account for something that is supernatural and logic can’t explain.  

But, as always, this is where faith and trust in God comes into play.  Either you are going to believe Him or not.  

The only thing I want to say to you, my friend, is don’t allow someone else’s unbelief sway you from your acceptance of what they are telling you.  If you just blow it off as “dreams”, then you are the one who will be caught unprepared for their passing and not them!  For they will be going in peace and I believe that your mother did come and spend time with him yesterday, most definitely!!!  I think she may be back before it’s done too. My advice to you is it’s better to believe him and God than not!

My love and prayers are with you both!!

This Mortal Hallway

Miraculous Power (and Update)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter Sunday!!  I wanted to give you all something more to celebrate; the power of prayer and the goodness of God!!

1)  I spoke to Penny’s son a couple of hours ago.  They finally got her off the ventilator yesterday and she is awake and responding well.  Her foot has full color and warmth again.  The infection and pneumonia seem to be under control enough that they plan to take her out of the ICU tomorrow.  They told the family that she is recovering much, much better than what was expected!!  They all thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

2)  I spoke to Mom about an hour ago.  Although dad’s mind is still messed up and his blood pressure skyrocketed last night, they went in to look at the ulcer and the clamps seem to be holding in place.  He has not lost any more blood.  The pressure is back down today and he is resting comfortably.  If everything continues as it is now, they will be taking him out of the ICU tomorrow as well!!  My family thanks you for your thoughtfulness and prayers!  They have been reading the comments left and have been blessed by your compassion.

3)  My eldest is beginning to get her feet back under her again.  Though she is still a bit emotional, she has better control of herself now.  She thanks you for your prayers too!!

4)  Sara had a good week at school.  No bullying.  The school did a presentation on it and sent letters home to the parents about it with the report cards.  I am pleased with their response to this growing concern.  She thanks you for your prayers.

5)  I have breathed many sighs of relief today!!!!  I could never have made it through without the support of you all, with thoughts, prayers and encouragement!!!  I am humbled and truly blessed by your overwhelming response!  


Love and blessings to all,



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