Thunderous Roar – Hay(na)ku

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Wonder of Wonders!

The lightning bolts not only lightened the sky but also my eyes. I stared in wonder and awe. The view of my hospital room was perfect, my family had argued time and time again for the best position of the sky. Although I was hesitant at first, not wanting to cause a ruckus, I was so glad when the storm began. The stunning, spiderweb-like bolts streaking the sky filled me up with the happiness I had lost for so long. My wrists were bandaged, yet I was not thinking about how small or insignificant I felt in this world. The beauty of nature filled those gaping holes of anxiety and depression within my soul. I wondered if I too could reach that relief and calm that drenched the atmosphere once the storm settled.

– Ermisenda Alvarez

And wonder of wonders
as the storm thunders

Suddenly I do hear
as sound coming near

But it’s so odd
oh my dear God!

Then to my dismay
I fall dead away

Amid my muffled cries
tears seeped from eyes

As nurses revive me
screaming “Let me be!”

“Why’d you do that?!”
words at them spat

“What are you saying?”
the nurses were dismaying

“I wanted to go
now I’ll never know!”

“Hey, we don’t understand!”
the doctor did demand

“There in your bed
you were clinically dead!”

“I know!”, said I
with a mournful cry

“‘Cause you brought me
back from heaven you see!”

Teresa Marie  10/22/11


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My Thursday Thoughts – We Are Still Here

By God’s grace and blessings we made it through the storms that rocked our area of Indiana yesterday.  (No, this is not a picture of our house, I just thought it was a good representation of how He covered us.)

I had Mark wake me up early yesterday for several reasons.  First of all, mom’s surgery was at 7:30.  She came through it well and without any problems.  I had faith that she would.  She is very healthy and runs circles around me.  Thank you to everyone who prayed for her, our prayers worked!

Second, I knew that the storms were suppose to start early in the day and I had errands to run sometime in between the 3 storm fronts that were predicted.  At about 8:30, I saw that the sky looked favorable for me to get my stuff done and back home before it got here.  I left and: got gas, went to the grocery store, went to pick up Mark’s prescription and then I was going to stop at his mom and dad’s on my way home.

As I left the pharmacy, I noticed the sky was beginning to look pretty ominous.  I was about half way to his parent’s when it started to sprinkle so I decided to forgo that visit and get home.  A third of the way, it began to rain harder but not too bad.  Two-thirds of the way, it let loose on me.  The wind was blowing my little Saturn sideways a bit, the rain was coming down so hard that I couldn’t see where I was going but I couldn’t see well enough to find a place to pull over either.  We live in the country and the County Road that I was on is a fairly well-traveled one.  I could not find the flashers on the car.  Since we’ve only had it for a week, I haven’t looked for them.  I was driving 25 mph but wasn’t too worried about anybody running into me, they couldn’t see any better than I could.  When I got to the State Road we live on, the hail was hitting my car with such force that I feared it would crack my windshield.  And, of course, when there is hail there usually is a tornado. 

I was, without any doubt, praying the whole way!  I said, “Lord, please don’t let me go like this!  I just want to get home!!”  It isn’t that I am afraid to die, I just don’t want to do it in a tornado, fire or wreck.  When I made it three-fourths’ of the way, there was the largest bolt of lightning that I have ever seen that cracked loudly as it hit the ground.  I prayed, “Oh dear Lord, please tell me that didn’t hit our house or trees!”  I felt an instant calm and knew that it did not.

The rain had lightened up when I pulled into our driveway and surveyed the area for damage.  More small limbs scattered the property but none of the type that we had the other day.  I thanked and praised Him for all His care.  I sat in the car for a few more minutes before I got out.  I could see from the sky that the brunt of this storm had moved through.  When it was down to a drizzle, I got out, grabbed the groceries that would spoil and got inside as quickly as I could because it looked like another front was right behind this one but it passed by.

My son was the first to call.  Within a few minutes of my arrival, my phone rang.  Nervously he asked, “Did that lightning hit your house?”  I said that it did not.  Then he exclaimed, “Mom, that was the biggest bolt I’ve ever seen!  It looked like it came right down on your house!!”  He lives on the top floor of an apt. complex about 7 miles from me.  I replied that I had thought it did too and told him about my little trip to town and back.  I said, “God protected me once again!  It was a little scary but I knew He would.”

My eldest daughter was the second to call.  She lives in a small town about 15 miles east of me.  She too had seen the storm was moving right through our area.  We praised and thanked God again! 

The rest of the storms came and went all through the evening and nighttime hours.  Poor Mark couldn’t go to bed on time because there were tornado warnings issued all around us but, thank You Lord, the ones that touched down were not in our vicinity.  So far, it looks like there will not be any danger for today.  Thank you to everyone who prayed for our safety!  Until later…

Always remember that Jesus died for us because He loves us!

With a grateful, humble heart,
Teresa Marie