Looking At Me – Saturday’s Limerick

(image source: google.com/images)

Why is he looking at me?
Can’t he leave me be?
Why did that scary thing
into the house you bring?
Now my paranoia’s running free!

Teresa Marie 1/21/12 ©



Rap Song – Wednesday’s Limerick

Hey there, have you heard
although the notion seems absurd
there’s a rap song for my blog
written by another than Snoop Dog 
and he says that’s the “word”!

Teresa Marie  1/11/12 © 



Pill – Tuesday’s Limerick


If you must take a pill
all for you to instill
in your life some joy
then boy, oh boy, oh boy
you need to learn to chill!

 Teresa Marie  1/10/12 ©



Limerick-Off Week 2 – A Bill

image source: google.com/images

A gal was upset by a bill
so she went and took a pill
would have given a sigh
but instead she got high
at the local corn liquor still.

Teresa Marie  1/8/12 ©

Madeleine Begun Kane 

A gal/guy was upset by a bill was the line we were given to start with this week

Bare – Saturday’s Limerick

As the new year approaches, gals swear
to buy some sexy new underwear
so as to turn their guys on
all the way to hill and gone
who’d rather just see them bare!

Teresa Marie  1/6/12 ©

This limerick comes from a visit I made to the following website:


Where you are given the first line and asked to write your own limerick with it.  There were some really good ones on there.  Stop by and check it out sometime and maybe even contribute if you like 🙂

Pop-pop – Saurday’s Limerick

(image source: bing.com)

Having weights held within hand
before the mirror pop-pop would stand
though having aged more than a mile
at his reflection pop-pop would smile
believing his physique was ever so grand!

Teresa Marie  12/17/11  ©


Annoying? – Thursday’s Other Limerick

(image source: dreamies.de)

Would this be found
as an annoying sound?
What if I keep doing it
will you throw a big fit
and stomp me in the ground?

Teresa Marie  12/15/11 ©


Like Seriously Dude – Tuesday’s Limerick

I Mean, like wow, seriously dude
really not tryin’ to be rude
but is there any name to
describe what’s wrong with you?
‘Cause  you’re lewd and crude with an attitude!

Teresa Marie   12/13/11

Rocking Horse – Sunday’s Limerick

(Image Source: dreamies.de)

Back and forth did panda rock
as the clock went tick-tock
but when he got nowhere
 the panda did finally declare
“Man, this horse is such a crock!”

Teresa Marie  12/11/11


Break Dancing Babies? On Skates? LOL, I Couldnt Help Myself

Now have you ever seen
a break dancing little bean
on roller skates no less
and who would ever guess
they could stay so clean?