A Limerick For Your Wednesday

Hey there, look at me!
I’m as sexy as can be

I’m too sexy for my shirt
I’m so sexy it may hurt!

Come dance with me baby!

Give Me Some Sticks – Thursday’s Limerick

*image source: bing.com/images

One day a monkey came along
and wanted to play a us song
saying “hey there, give me some sticks
I’ll give those drums a few good licks”
but man oh man did we do wrong!!

Teresa Marie 3/8/12 © 

Pretty Keen – Monday’s Limerick

*image source: google.com/images

Hey there, whatcha know?
How do you like my afro?
I think it’s pretty keen
 I only use Afro Sheen
’cause it makes it glow!

Teresa Marie  3/5/12 © 

Only Dare! – Friday’s Limerick

*image source: unknown – received in an e-mail

Thursday’s Limerick – Oh Please!

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Come On Man! – Monday’s Limerick

*image source: google.com/images

Aw, come on man!!
You just don’t understan’,
please take a breath
you’re scaring me to death
 with no life insurance plan!!!!

Teresa Marie 2/20/12 ©

Ninja Bear – Wednesday’s Limerick

*image source: google.com/images

One day ninja bear
decided war to declare
when brother came at him
chances were quite slim
that he’d get anywhere!

Teresa Marie 2/15/12 © 

Milk – Tuesday’s Limerick

*image source: google.com/images

Can I have more milk please?
Give that utter one more squeeze.
Hey watch out where it goes
it just went up my nose
and now I’ve got to sneeze!

Teresa Marie  2/14/12 © 

Ride – Monday’s Limerick

*image source: google.com/images

Monkey went for a ride
at the evening tide
on a dog named “Doodle”
who was no miniature poodle
thinking “That darn promoter lied!”

Teresa Marie 2/13/12 ©



Bomb – Wednesday’s Limerick

*image source: latoro.ru