A Father Should Be

Little Girl Dreams

When I was yet
just a little girl
so many dreams did
through my mind whirl

Of being a princess
with fairies did talk
as in mountain’s majesty
I would endlessly walk

Joy, excitement, grandiose beauty
filled all my dreams
as I made plans
and hatched my schemes

It made me sad
when I would awake
and lose that world
of imagination I’d make

But I still knew
that my beloved fantasy
awaited in my sleep
to return to me!

Teresa Marie  11/3/11

Broken Ropes

Last night I had a nightmare

It gave me quite a scare

I am a little girl in it

And upon a swing I sit

Someone behind me was pushing

The air around me swooshing

With the bright blue sea

There in front of me

But then the ropes broke

And I started to choke

As the fear did rise

With my screaming cries

Then I did awake

Whatever do you make

Of such a scary dream

And all it does seem?

Teresa Marie  8/26/11