Silence Me

You can never
silence me forever

I will speak out
not whisper but shout

The injustice of all
the innocent that fall

Upon whom you prey
all through every day

For children they are
not adults by far

Just little girls who
deserve better than you

Although you beat me
you’ll never defeat me

As their plight I
to high heaven cry

Letting the world know
their charity to show

The injusice of it all
is my heart’s call

I want everyone to see
this is a tragedy!

Teresa Marie   10/9/11

Written for The Girl Effect, see more at:

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Teddy, Teddy,
my only friend

It’s on you
that I depend

To wipe the tear
from my eye

Always there
when I cry

‘Tis your fur
they have wet

Since the day
we first met

My dear Teddy
I love you

And I know
you love me too!

Teresa Marie  8/3/11

I think that all of us girls had a favorite stuffed animal that we held when we cried.
I’ve now traded mine in for live “teddy bear” that can hold me back! 

Here’s to all of us “little girls” at heart.