Bury Me There

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The Longing

How I long for you
in the quiet of night

For you strong arms to
hold me ever so tight

In my longing I do
ache for just the sight

Of you coming home to
me with the morning light

And the aching overwhelms me
as the time goes by

Your face to really see
not just in mind’s eye

All I want to be
what is my heart’s cry

Is to love you endlessly
until the day I die!

Teresa Marie  10/16/11

 For my hardworking husband, Mark.  I love you!


Poetry Picnic Week 9 : Longing, Loss, Loosing and Failure

You Know

You know you’re in love
when your heart beats madly

And you can’t get enough
of each other’s company


When their touch you crave
and their face to see

And when you’re finally together
the world ceases to be


When your lips then meet
it is such sweet ecstasy

When you give to another
all you have for free


That’s when you know
that it’s for eternity

‘Cause this is just how
it happened to me


Teresa Marie  9/5/11

And I knew, love you Babe!