She Wants To Feed – Part 7

When she said the pit of fire, I began shaking so hard that my teeth were almost chattering.  At that very moment one of the walls seemed to turn into a window and what I saw then did make them chatter, uncontrollably!

There was a man or fallen angel or demon, whatever, and he was walking down what seemed to be a hallway.  Behind him was fire.  Just looking at him terrorized me to the bone.  I looked over at Bahalize and she was shaking her head back and forth letting me know to be silent.

While he was approaching, I could feel his hatred, it emanated from him and filled the room.  Evil as anything I could have ever imagined in my worst nightmare and then some.  His eyes glowed and it seemed to be shooting out of them as he gazed back and forth in the hall.  I believe he was searching for someone in particular.  I was hoping and praying that it wasn’t me!

As he passed us by, the window turned back into a wall.  Bahalize scooted back out a little from the corner as she whispered, “I guess you got lucky or maybe that was just to give you an idea of what you have to look forward to but either way it goes it’s not your turn yet.”

The smell and sounds were overwhelming me and now I could clearly hear people screaming, yelling out obscenities, moaning and wailing unlike anything that I had ever heard before.  My mind was racing, recounting my life and what sins I may have committed.  I could think of nothing that would deserve this kind of punishment.

At that thought I began to pray, “Dear Jesus, save me please!  I’ll do better.  That’s not an idle promise!  Take me back, cleanse me of my sins and make me whole again.”  Seems like I did pay some attention in Sunday school and services.  Then I started praying the Lord’s Prayer over and over and over again.  “Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name…”

As soon as I started to do that there was a pinprick of light that shone from the ceiling.  The more I said it, the larger it got and then I heard the voice that I had been hearing and ignoring all my life – my Guardian Angel.  She asked me if I had repented of my sins and was willing to forgive.  I practically screamed it, “Yes!!!”

Her reply to me was, “If you do not do what you have promised, this is where you will come back to.  I think you’ve learned your lesson.  Take my hand!”

All at once she appeared in front of me.

Teresa Marie   11/17/11