Not What I Expected

He said “I love you”
And I felt it in my soul
“I’ll take care of you,
For that is a husband’s role”

“If you’ll marry me,
I promise not to leave you,
And as you will see
To never, ever hurt you”

“I do believe you”
Yet the words were hard to say
“I’m in love with you”
But my head screamed “Run away!”

My heart he did steal
And he heard me say “I do”
Then prayed it was real
But my soul already knew

Vowing “I love you”
To the man I respected
Meant “forever” too
A silent fear deflected

I stayed ever true
Though with time felt rejected
‘Cause when God took you
It’s not what I expected

Grief moved in to stay
The moment that I lost you
When there is no way
To love this life without you

For my husband, Mark (Aug., 1961 to Jan.,2019)

Teresa Marie  7/4/20


I Thought of You Today


Calling Out to My Praying Friends

Hello dear friends!  September was a busy month for many reasons, some good and some bad.

In  addition to dad, Shawna and Blaine having their birthdays; Sara gave birth to her first child, Sebastian Lee, weighting 7# 1oz, 19″ long, on Sept. 17th.  She and her fiance are thrilled with their little cutie pie:



That was the good news!

A week or so after that we found out that Mark’s dad has a fast growing cancer in his throat.  Specifically, in the lymphnoid just below his esophygas which feeds all the others below it.

I am asking everyone to say a pray for him, please. 

The first of October I lost my best friend, Penny!!  Those of you who have been with me for a while know who she is and just how much I loved her.  It was a total shock and I am still processing  it.  The grief has been overwhelming to me.  I am praying that if God intends to take Al from us too that he waits for a minute or two so I can get my breath.

When things like this happen, always ask God what it is that He is preparing me for that requires me to be so strong?  With everything happening in the world right now I’m not sure I want to know the answer to that question, but that’s a discussion for later on.

Please keep us in your prayers!
Love and blessings to you all!

Heart of Grief


Who Would Love You? (Revisited)

For The Tears You Cry

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How my heart is breaking
for the tears you cry

As you toss and turn 
in the bed where you lie

With grief  I am stricken
’caused you’ve suffered more pain

That a heart so young
as yours should ever sustain 

I desperately wish that
there was more I could do

Than these mere words
that I’m writing to you

 For there you are
and here I remain

When another love’s lost
from your life once again 

If only I could just
pick up the phone

I would to tell you
that you are not alone

Although it does seem 
that there is no way

You’ll survive this blow
to smile again one day

My every prayer will
now for you be

A light at the end
of the tunnel to see

And again I must say
that you ARE NOT alone

For I love you as if
you were truly my own 

Even though you don’t think
that God loves you too

I swear to you darling
that it is very true

And although it makes
no sense right now

Just know that it will
some day and some how!!

Teresa Marie 1/15/12 ©

I love you, babygirl!!

Hold on, if nothing else do it for me!





Love’s Abyss






























Teresa Marie  12/12/11

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Soulful Sorrow

(Image Source:

Soul of sorrow

Knowing the pain

A young heart

To limbo remain


Sorrow for loves

You have lost

Caught in grief

Paying the cost


Soul of sorrow

When will be

From your heart

Set it free?


A wound felt

Within a soul

Ne’er we think

Again be whole


This a promise

Given to thee

Time will come

For joy to see


Allow the One

Creator Divine

To place His

Hand in thine


Wrap you in

His love so grand

That a sorrowful soul

Doth understand!


Teresa Marie  12/12/11

For my adopted one!  You know who you are,
and you are beautiful to me!!



The Fire

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I could see it
from atop the hill

It lit the sky
I stood very still

No one was home
horses in the field

Nobody to be hurt
nothing to be killed

My whole world was
being taken from me

For it was a total loss
from what I could see

As my heart was pounding
tears formed in my eyes

I think of dad saying
that a man never cries

What God had given
was now taken away

But I am so grateful
no one was home today!

Teresa Marie  12/3/11



Letting Go

There’s all forms
of letting go

Most are painful
don’t you know

Many of them
life will throw

And the toll
begins to show

Some are lessons
meant to grow

As you’re tossed
to and fro

But I think
that even though

Winds of time
at us blow

What God wants
us to know

Is seasons come
and they go!

Teresa Marie  10/22/11