I Dare

Cold Flame – Haiku

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Crashing Waves – Free Write Friday

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Standing on the shore
as waves crash around me
how I do abhor
what has come to be

I stare at the moon
as I consider eternity
and how much too soon
 it will come for me

Thinking how you left
without a single word
has left me inept
floundering in the world

Feels like I’m dying
all broken up inside
tears I’ve been crying
over how you lied

Forever you did say
was how it would be
and now I just pray
for God to take me

‘Cause He’s the only One
Who loves me true
and after what you’ve done
run to Him I do

For I know at least
there is peace of mind
and a roaring beast
never there to find

So go on and run
I’m stronger than you
with the rising sun
are skies of blue

And I’ll be okay
for it is you see
with His love today
you’re not the end of me!!

Teresa Marie  12/23/11 © 



My life’s been shattered

Into a million pieces

Thought are all scattered

The dream now ceases

I don’t even feel

My heart is numb

When did you steal

My love’s total sum?

Now you are gone

I sit here and cry

Time to move on

I just want to die

Shattered on the wall

What’s left of me

And feeling very small

Crushed by the misery!

Teresa Marie   9/13/11

This one’s for you Cait, I love you!

I Ask Myself Why

Belle of the ball
this night was I
In the decorated hall
my beauty they cry

A princess I felt
among them I walked
At praises I melt
and in whispers talked

The night so grand
thought it a dream
I don’t understand
when it didn’t seem

To all be pretend
at least by you
At the ball’s end
you say we’re through

Now I wander around
I’m in the dark
’cause I haven’t found
when we lost the spark

And I ask myself why
you’d to this to me
as I walk and cry
the tears you won’t see

Now I must stand
all on my own
on my feet to land
that my strength be shown!

Teresa Marie   9/5/11

Love I Mourn

The idea of love I mourn

You took the dream from me

And I am left with scorn

Of what never came to be

What I once thought was born

Between my innocence and thee

Is now shame my neck adorn

When you made it a travesty

Left it to me as foreign

As a continent across the sea

The graveyard I go to mourn

For that’s where love must be!

Teresa Marie   8/27/11

Not A Word

Now the fireworks
that desire display
have beauty lost
turned to grey

For, my love,
you left today
not one word
did you say

Where did we
lose our way?
Where’s the love
of yesterday?

My heart’s gone
lost in the frey
now you’ve become
my anger’s prey

I am so hurt
 you went away
I want revenge
this very day

But I love you
what can I say
to make you run
right back today?

God help me, please,
don’t let me stay
so broken hearted
this I pray

Teresa Marie   8/12/11