I’m Still Here, Barely

Hello dear friends,

I’m still here but the stress has taken it’s toll.  Between my dad, Sara’s suicide watches, Mark’s rare heart diseases, and now my other brother’s cancer that requires aggressive chemotherapy, I’ve been rocked to the core.  I know you’ve been wondering and I’m sorry for leaving you all hanging but I just couldn’t find it in me to write.  I’ve immersed myself into my clay but that’s not even come easily.  I have to make myself do something every day, rather than wanting to.  I know this will all pass, it will go as God wills it, and …  My brother was the last straw, and he won’t even talk to me 😦 .

I cutting this shorter than what I meant to but the tears are flowing again and I just can’t…

Love and blessings to you all, Terri

Without Hope

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When someone feels
they’re without hope

How in the world
can they ever cope?

When it’s ripped
at the seams

Where’s the hope
of fulfilling dreams?

When a life
is torn apart

Where is hope found
by the broken heart? 

Because it is
when hope’s lost

Will to live
it may cost

But if you can
just hold on

You will find out
that it’s not gone

It’s where you
have it hidden

For you feel
that it’s forbidden

‘Cause your heart
is broken in two

 So you think
God’s abandoned you

But your soul
knows it’s there

Just as He 
does truly care

 Your hope will
come back one day

And the world
will be not gray

So hold on
for all you’re worth

‘Cause hope exists
on this earth!!

Teresa Marie  1/16/12 ©

For you, babygirl!
Ever on my mind 


As The Lost Man

Today I have felt
as the lost man
out in the woods
for long time span

While in a circle
round and round goes
 and his hope
takes repeated blows

He kneels down defeated
and admits he’s lost
he prays to God
to ask the cost

“What must I do?
Please come save me
and I’ll follow You
my vow to Thee!”

As God hears him
with a Father’s love
sends an angel and
light of the Dove! 

“I will always answer
if to Me you pray
for you’re My child
even when you stray!”

Teresa Marie  11/25/11