Angels Beside You

Angels are beside you
wherever you may go

Always there protecting you
this you should know

In everything you do
angels are your shadow

For your life through
after you they follow

Trying to guide you
though it mightn’t show

If closing listening you
may in wisdom grow

Even glimpse them too
by their angelic glow

What I’m telling you
this I do know

There are angels beside you
everywhere you may go!

Teresa Marie  10/6/11

Lady Blue

Oh Lady, my Lady Blue

I only wish I knew

What I’m supposed to do

My Lady, what about you


I see in your eyes

You have heard my cries

Your veins cold as ice

And my weakness you despise


Although you are a fantasy

When you look back at me

I’m wishing that I could be

As cold as you Blue Lady


But I know in this mess

It’s my heart God will bless

And I never have to guess

If He thinks of me less


So just forget Lady Blue

That I even asked you

‘Cause I know what to do

And Who loves me true!

Teresa Marie   8/11/11




Grace And Mercy

Grace-Offers pardon for the crime. Mercy-Offers relief from the punishment.


It’s the beauty of God’s grace
that we’re pardoned for our crime
and we must no longer face
hell’s damnation for all time.

It’s the wonder of God’s mercy
when punishment we most deserved
is wiped away with His clemency
though from our path we swerved.

It’s the miracle of God’s love
that makes our life so complete
whatever the enemy will think of
our soul he can’t defeat.

For His mercy and grace
out of love does freely flow
to reach us in any place
matters not how far we go!


It’s When You’re Content

For it’s when you’re content
in this life to simply be
as what was God‘s intent
when first He fashioned thee

From who you truly are
to how yourself you see 
let not the ‘tween be far
with no room for the enemy

You need not ever compare
nor even try to compete
for in His love you share
what the devil cannot defeat

In this you gain power
 more than what you’d expect
with confidence you won’t cower
and others will gain respect

Everything comes from the Father
the One Who created you
in His love you won’t bother
over what others say about you!

Teresa Marie  6/29/11