Saturday’s Verse From Exodus 23

Lying Eyes

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Somewhat Terrifying

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There’s a face to evil
that is somewhat terrifying 

How it can haunt you
as your soul it’s trying

And lead you into fear
when with it you’re vying

But wicked and seductive
with its words of lying

While its every trick
on you is trying

Just to lure you in
to the Lord defying

It says of those tears
that you have been crying

They’ll  all go away if
you take what it’s supplying

Have everything you want
in life before dying

But if you ever listen
of this there’s no denying

When this life is over
you’ll be the one who’s frying!

Teresa Marie  12/28/11 ©

They Believe What You Do

People can listen every day
to the words that you say
but doubt comes into play
somewhere down along the way,

They may not believe you
and what you say is true
though they thought they knew
they’ll believe in what you do

For the actions you diplay
speak more than word say
when the message they convey
is much clearer any day

Let not what you do
become the death of you
but rather say what’s true
that God be proud of you!

Teresa Marie   7/25/11