Free Write Friday; Pixar Prompt

#FWF Free Write Friday; Pixar Prompt

by kellieelmore

Free Write Friday; Image Prompt; Their Secret

#FWF Free Write Friday; Image Prompt

by kellieelmore

Magic Tree

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Beckoning Me In – Haiku

Magical mirror

entrance to a world of sin

beckoning me in

Teresa Marie  1/29/12 ©


The Frog & The Fairy

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The frog and the fairy
one day did converse

On why none were merry
in the magical universe

A wicked witch did very
their land of wonder curse

Feeding all a poison berry
how could it be any worse?

“I think I might know,”
the fairy did say

“Where we should go
to find out the way!”

But a foul wind did blow
as the sky turned gray

The evil power to show
of the witch that day

 Who was hovering near
and listening to those two

Just so she could hear
what they planned to do

When it became clear
that the fairy knew

The more and more fear
in the witch then grew

As suddenly the frog went
re-deep, re-deep, re-deep

 And fairy knew he meant
the secret she must keep

As the kingdom spent
a little time asleep

The wizard could prevent
the spell to further creep

Frog took fairy’s hand
into the sky they flew

For they did understand
now what they should do

To save all the land
and put an end to

What the witch had planned
and her evil spell undo!

Teresa Marie  1/14/12 ©



The Wizard

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The wizard found
in my dreams
caught a falling star

“What shall you
do with it?”
I called from afar 

“Why do you
want to know?”
he in turn asked me

“I just wondered
if you could
put it back, maybe?”

Then he said 
with a laugh
 “I’ll tell you true,

That’s a magic
that only God
the Almighty can do

When He is
the One Who
first created them all

And it’s also
up to Him
how they rise and fall!”

Teresa Marie  1/11/12 © 

Carry – Tuesday’s Haiku

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Carry me away

into magic bubbled sky

 fairy butterfly!

Teresa Marie  1/3/12 ©

Wizard (Haiku)

image source:

He stands before me

the wizard of forest green

as one never seen!

Teresa Marie  12/28/11  ©

Barrier Between

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‘Twas the craziest thing
that I’d ever seen
when there had appeared
a barrier in between

A world of magic
and then this one
where pixies and fairies
were frolicking in fun

I tried touching to
see what it’d do
in the hopes maybe
I could pass through

But, alas, ’twas there
I could not go
to this other world
that I didn’t know

Which only served to
make me so sad
it was only a
fantasy to be had

As I watched those
little imps in play
wanting just to be
a child for a day

And let my imagination
carry me there to
the place in adulthood
I no longer knew

So the decision I
made in the end
was I’m not too old
for “let’s play pretend!”

Teresa Marie  12/26/11 ©

The Witches War

Once there were two witches
one good and other bad

That on one fine day
a war of magic had

For the wicked one said
to the one of good

“You won’t beat me
and you never could”

The white witch replied
“Good always triumphs evil

Save us both the time
and yourself the upheaval”

So that’s the way it was
as back and forth they went

Until every bit of magic
both of them had almost spent

When the good witch said
“I will now defeat you”

The wicked one sneered back
“Yeah, when pigs fly too!”

The good witch replied smiling
“I can arrange for that”

As over a pig flew
knocking off the wicked’s hat

“Good always triumphs evil
just exactly as I said”

While the pig broke into singing
“Ding-dong the witch is dead!”

Teresa Marie  12/9/11