Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall
do you hear when I call?

It may seem a little thing
to you attention that I bring

I don’t like being this small
so I want to be tall

Brown hair just doesn’t suit me
blond is what I’d rather be

Don’t like the way I look
I’m no model from a book

Since I am no great beauty
make me one, rich and snooty

So many things I want from you
just make me into someone new

‘Cause I really don’t like me
and anybody else I’d rather be

Mirror, mirror on the wall
do you hear me at all?

Teresa Marie  11/15/11


The Butterfly Fairy

I’m the good fairy
of all the butterflies

That do fly through
the bright blue skies

I love blowing bubbles
magic contained for all

Putting guards around them
 both large and small

The butterflies love this
kindness that I do

And my magic bubbles
aren’t seen by you

Must be a fairy
my bubbles to see

Or in your imagination
pretend that you may be!

Teresa Marie  10/4/11