I Pray For Angels


dadI was getting a good start on blogging again when all hell broke lose once more!!  
The new neurologist wants to run: a 24 hour brain scan; a new MRI; hearing and vision tests on me.  
Mark had emergency back surgery 2 1/2 weeks ago and is looking at permanent nerve damage there in his left lower half of his body.  
Dad has had one thing after another: the infection in his left testicle is finally getting better but the MRI that they did on his spine last week has now showed, not only the compression of a disc (which they saw in the CAT scan) but also signs of bone cancer.  They are ordering more tests to confirm whether or not it is.  Beings that 8 out of 9 kids in his family had some form of cancer, the odds are not in his favor.  With that being said, he has out lived all of his brothers by about 20+ yrs., so I guess God has blessed us with having his presence in our lives this long.
I am not giving up hope and, of course, ask for your prayers.  I do know this much, if it is cancer, I would rather let him go now than see him suffer any more pain.  He has been through enough of that.  Thank you in advance for your prayers and support!!  May God’s will be done, Amen and Amen.
Much love to you all, 

Family Update and My Weekend

Mom and Dad


What a wonderful day it was yesterday!!  Not only did we celebrate Father’s Day, we also celebrated my parents 60th Wedding Anniversary!  Wow, that is a long time to be married to one person, isn’t it?!  Practically unheard of these days, sad to say.  I was amazed when I read the quote for today on my e-mail and it was about marriage, I thought of putting it on mom and dad’s picture but decided to use another instead.  Still fitting though.

They had rented the banquet room of a local pub/steakhouse for the evening and invited immediate family to come.  There was just one exception though, my aunt from Washington state (mom’s sister) was in Indy visiting my other aunt and uncle (mom’s sister also) and so the three of them joined us as well.  It was great to see her, I think it’s been over 15 years since I had the last time.  I loved seeing my family from Indy as well, whom I used to go and spend time in the summer with their daughters and I’m very close to them.  

The food was great, the company equally so.  My sister had made a commemorative DVD in honor of the day but the facilities player would not work 😦  So we didn’t get to watch it while we were eating as planned.  Thank God Kathleen (Kate) had made us each one to take home.

I watched it as soon as we got back and it was FABULOUS!!  She did such a good job with it and the accompanying music choices.  Kudos to you Sis!

The only damper on the day was that Sara was sick and couldn’t join us.  


Mark and I both had our Dr. appointments with the new pain specialist we’ve been referred to, him for his back and me for the fibromyalgia that’s out of hand again.

She took us in together, which I liked so that we can help remind the other of what they’re supposed to do.  Plus, I’m the one who always makes all the phone calls too.  We really, really liked this lady!  She has a great personality/bedside manner and took her time with us to explain things thoroughly.  

We were both being under medicated for our particular problems, so she increased our dosages.  She is going to consult with my GP about some new med’s for me and I go back in 4 weeks.

Mark is a different story and I am requesting some prayers be said for him ’cause his problems is much more serious than what we thought.  The back surgery he had a couple of years ago, I never really understood very well.  This Dr. got out the model of the spine and went through it all step by step/ vertebrae by vertebrae.  What it boils down to is this:

The last MRI he had done a couple of weeks ago shows scarring from the surgery, totally expected, but the problem has returned and so she is going to consult with his back surgeon about it.  Mark is scheduled to go into the Out Patient Surgery ward in 2 weeks to get steroid injections done (by her) to try and get the inflammation out of the nerves that are being compressed.  If she can’t get the swelling down, he will have to have more surgery done soon.  She said if he doesn’t get it taken care of, one way or the other, he is at great risk of suffering permanent nerve damage in his back!  Our worse nightmare would come true.

So please pray for him that this procedure will work.  She said that if we can keep the inflammation out of there, his body has a good chance of repairing itself and no surgery will be required at all.


I don’t remember if I told anybody or not about my Dr. visit last week and the results of my blood work.  I’m not happy but I am glad to know why I have been so sick and what needs to be done to fix it.

I probably have not had a virus at all.  My thyroid levels were way too low and she said that is more than likely what has been causing my continual cycle of symptoms.  So she increased that medication and we’ll see in 8 weeks what the new levels show.

My cholesterol levels, normally perfect, we off.  My LDL was too high and so she prescribed med’s for that.

And last but definitely not least, I am now officially borderline diabetic.  So she wants me to watch my diet closely and to get more regular exercise.  Which puts me in a catch 22 situation because of the fibromyalgia, it’s hard to exercise when you can barely move half the time.

So I’ll get that part under control soon, I hope, and then I can put myself back on my old daily routine of 30-45 minutes every morning.  She said to get a minimum of 160 minutes a week but from past experience I know that a daily routine works better for me.

Well, that should about do it for now.

Love and hugs,

My MS Journey Part VII

After being striken with MS, I began to realize what a miracle each new day was.  Though my progress was painstakingly slow, it was progress.  Eventually, I didn’t have to use a walker anymore; I didn’t reverse my words or say them wrong or say words that weren’t even real words as often (Mark calls them my made up words); I rarely fell down without a direct cause other than my own feet; I was allowed back in the kitchen; I began driving again (that was scary after almost a year without); I had more stamina; I stopped taking naps in the daytime and so on.

I had gotten so tired of all the medications and the dry mouth syndrome that resulted from them that I told the doctor I was gradually weaning myself off some of the less important ones to see what happened.  She agreed that I could try it.  I now only take 6 different ones and my shot.  I’ve been healed of the depression, uncontrollable mood swings, and the insomnia; the fibromyalgia only occasionally flairs up now; instead of 4 pills per day to control my blood pressure I only take 2 and my acid reflux is under control enough that I can just take an over-the-counter, generic acid reducer once a day.  Now that may not seem like much but to me it was a major accomplishment, not to mention a financial one.

A couple of years ago, I added a Medicare gap coverage insurance plan to help with my medical expenses.  The neurologist that I had been seeing was not covered and it would have cost me more to see her, so I asked her to refer me to someone else.  She did and I made an appointment.  When I went to see my new doctor, my records from the old one had not arrived yet.  So, I guess you could say, he was operating in the blind.  When he first came in to the examining room, he asked me to fill him in on what symptoms I had first exhibited and what medications I had been taking.  Next he did the regular neurological tests that they do with every office visit.  After that, he sat back down and said that he wished my records had arrived before I came so that he could have seen my MRI results and the prior doctor reports.

What came next floored me because he looked at me and said jokingly, I thought at first, “Are you sure you have MS?”  I started laughing and said that I was definitely sure.  After saying that he was serious, he told me that a person my age, striken as hard as I was, displaying the symptoms that I did never recovers even half of the skill levels that I have.  I said back to him, “It is only by the grace of God!  It took a lot of prayer, hard work and dedication to taking my shots strictly on time each week to get where I am today.  Other than the short-term memory loss, the depleted immune system and the bouts with fatigue, I don’t usually feel like I have MS.  I still have symptoms that flair up here and there, but otherwise I’m in great shape in comparison.  All I really needed from you was a new prescription for my shots.”

He told me that he didn’t know how to act because he had never had such an easy appointment before.  He asked me several times, “Are you sure there’s nothing else that I can do for you?”, and then wrote out the prescription.  When he handed it to me he said with a smile, “You’ve definitely got Somebody up there looking out for you!”, and walked out of the office.  Now is that confirmation or what?

(Oh, in case you’ve been wondering in the back of your mind if my drug use had anything to do with contracting MS, let me tell you straight up – drugs did not cause it!  Don’t think that I didn’t wonder the same thing after it happened.  And let me tell you that I was steeped in guilt for quite a while until I got up enough courage to ask my neurologist.  She said, “Absolutely not!”)

I went off praising God all the way home and offering up my gratitude for how faithful He has always been to me!  There are times that I find myself wishing that I didn’t get sick every time I turn around, or that my memory wasn’t better, or that I didn’t get so tired, or that I didn’t have to take these shots but then I remind myself of where I used to be.  That shuts me up real quick.  I am forever and eternally grateful to God for His compassion on me.  As I also am to His Son, Jesus, for dying on the cross for me that I might be redeemed to my Heavenly Father and able to go before His throne to petition His grace and mercy upon a poor sinner like me!

So this will be the end of “My MS Journey” pages, but don’t feel too let down because, coming soon, I will start my new series “My Struggle With Addiction”.  So until next time, I bid you farewell and God be with you.

Always remember that Jesus died for us because He loves us!

Teresa Marie