Little Girl Dreams

When I was yet
just a little girl
so many dreams did
through my mind whirl

Of being a princess
with fairies did talk
as in mountain’s majesty
I would endlessly walk

Joy, excitement, grandiose beauty
filled all my dreams
as I made plans
and hatched my schemes

It made me sad
when I would awake
and lose that world
of imagination I’d make

But I still knew
that my beloved fantasy
awaited in my sleep
to return to me!

Teresa Marie  11/3/11

In The Heart Of The City

Let’s build a world
of our own fantasy
here in the heart
of the bustling city

    With angels and fairies
    a swan and a frog
    maybe even a gnome
    sitting on a log

A little sail ship
could bring us food
right in the middle
of the old neighborhood

    As people pass by
   they will probably stare
   Don’t know about you
   but I wouldn’t care

‘Cause it is happy
we would then be
even though we live
here in the city!

Teresa Marie  9/20/11