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Together Bound

Such A Sweet Melody


Dedicated to mom and dad on their 60th Wedding Anniversary!  

With much love, Terri


by frizztext

“Honor and Cherish”

Though I don’t
why you took
my hand
The love that
you display
through each and
every day
Has made it
easy to
“honor and
cherish” you
And even
more so now
than when
making that vow
forever more
you’ve set my
heart to soar!

Teresa Marie 4/3/12 ©

High On You


I get high on you
sailing the air through

Just like a kite I fly
with intoxicated cry

That into the room slips
from between parted lips

You give me a squeeze
as my heart does freeze

With your sexy smile
I rise up another mile

For you my dearest love
I thank God above!


Free Write Friday; Oh To Be A Fly On The Wall



In honor of warming weather, let’s heat things up a bit. Write about an affair. It can be about you having an affair, someone you know, you partner/spouse, the neighbor, the preacher…whoever you choose. Just give us a “fly on the wall” peak inside! What lies are being told? How is the cheater making it work without getting caught? Or are they getting away with it after-all? Think “Big Brother” and give  us the scoop!


Free Write Friday; Oh To Be A Fly On The Wall

by Kellie Elmore