All Those Laughing

All those who are laughing
believe that I’m laughing too
but they don’t even realize
them I see right through

They’re all acting so happy
while stabbing the backs of
each one of those friends
they are supposed to love

With all their phony hugs
and fake kisses on cheeks
not a single one has
a thing that he seeks

Spinning their web of lies
out of the both sides
the mouth they kissed with
and the truth everyone hides

Two faced as can be
they all wear their mask
I am not being fooled
as in deceit they bask

With the best of them
a while I can pretend
but it doesn’t take long
to reach my wit’s end!

Teresa Marie  11/17/11 

Tired of This Mask

Tired of this mask I wear
I just wish I could be

The person that I really am
for all the world to see

But I am so afraid that
people won’t like the real me

So I go on pretending
living an assumed identity

Of it I don’t know how
it is I can get free

I can’t help but wonder why
this mask has overtaken me

And fear that I am doomed
 to wear it for eternity!

Teresa Marie  9/16/11

For all those who are wearing a mask and pretending to be somebody that you are not, be who God has created you to be and love yourself as He loves you!