Liberty Counsel – Stand With Israel

Israel is once again being severely threatened by her
enemies while the Obama administration seeks to marginalize
the relationship between our countries. 

Right now, I am in Israel and will soon have the
opportunity to personally discuss your “Stand with
Israel!” statement – along with tens of thousands of
other “pro-Israel” American citizens – with key Israeli

But our work is far from done. We must change America’s
unacceptable policy and posturing toward Israel!

Please take a moment to read my message below and alert
all of your pro-Israel friends to sign our powerful
“Stand with Israel!” statement of support, which will
be delivered along with yours to key elected officials
in America.

Simply forward the message below to your friends.

Thanks, and God bless you (as He promises He will!) for your
bold stand with His people.

Mat Staver

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Mathew Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

      Israel is once again facing heightened threats by
      foreign enemies while the Obama Administration’s
      policy toward our ally has taken a marked turn for
      the worse, severely threatening our nations’ vital
      relationship.  I am in Israel for an important
      visit that will include meetings with several
      high-ranking Israeli officials.  I will be telling
      these leaders that President Obama’s policies DO
      NOT represent the view of the majority of Americans!
      Please read my vital message below – Mat.

I have just landed in Israel. One of the first things we
noticed upon arrival is that tension seems to be extremely
high here based on renewed pressure from the UN and other
international organizations to enter into a “land for peace”
deal with the Palestinian Authority.

       It is obvious that the people of Israel are genuinely
       confused by the dramatic change in United States
       foreign policy under the Obama Administration.  And
       the pressure from long-standing enemies in the
       region is sharply rising.

Today, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad assailed Israel
, calling “Jewish Zionism” one of history’s worst ills. He
told the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), a security
group regarded as a NATO rival, that 60 plus years of
Zionism has brought only humiliation and destruction to
the Palestinians and the region at large.

      His virulent words are made more ominous by Iran’s
      growing nuclear threat and the fact that Israel could
      be provoked into launching a pre-emptive strike against
      Iran if the threat rises much further.

++Has Barack Obama become a Palestinian spokesperson?

We’ve only been here a few hours, but we are already aware
that a large number of Israeli leaders feel that America’s
attitude toward Israel, which has dramatically changed under
President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton, is seriously
undermining the relationship between our nations.

      Some have embraced the idea that President Obama has
      actually become an unofficial “spokesperson” for the
      Palestinian point of view and has moved the American
      government into a nearly adversarial relationship with
      the nation of Israel. 

Meanwhile, according to the Jerusalem Post, “Ambassador Yossi
Ben Aharon, who served as the chief of staff and close
confident of Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir, is warning of
what he calls an impending ‘explosion’ for Israel in September,
when the United Nations General Assembly is expected to
recognize a Palestinian state within Israel’s 1967 borders,”
which is the proposed starting point for peace under Obama’s

      What really disturbs me is that President Obama should
      know without a doubt that previous “land for peace”
      deals between Israel and Palestine, in which Israel
      transferred land to the Palestinians in exchange for
      peace, have been abysmal failures and increased – not
      decreased – violence in the region. 

++I am here delivering a message from tens of thousands of
Americans who “Stand with Israel”!

Since our President seems to be doing everything he can to
undermine our nation’s bond with Israel, it is vitally
important that American citizens let our friends in Israel
know that we are still committed to our friendship!

      Can you imagine a better opportunity than now?

I will be expressing our solidarity directly with several key
Israeli officials with whom we will be meeting this week with
a message from over 50,000 United States citizens saying,
“We Stand with Israel!” 

But these signed Statements of Support represent just the
early response to this opportunity to encourage and strengthen
our friends in Israel – by the time our mission here is
complete next week, we expect that well over 100,000 Americans
will have taken this bold stand with us!

Teresa, I am thrilled to be delivering this message
to these Israeli leaders!  But our work is far from complete.

I am calling upon all of Liberty Counsel’s friends and
supporters to boldly rise up in support of Israel!  We need
to be as plain and direct as we can to reject policies that
force Israel into accepting any “land for peace” proposals. 

      That’s why we are also sending a special, pointed
      letter to President Obama, Secretary of State Hilary
      Clinton, Speaker of the House John Boehner, and Senate
      Majority Leader Harry Reid. 

We must forthrightly tell our elected officials that Americans
stand in support of Israel – and pray the Lord will intervene
before the Obama Administration does any more damage to our
relationship with Israel!

Click here to read and sign our letter:

++Our gift to you for standing with Israel.

When you join many tens of thousands of concerned Americans
in signing this powerful letter, we will send you our custom-
designed “Stand with Israel!” vinyl sticker that you can
proudly display.

This colorful 4 x 6 inch oval delivers an unmistakable
message and will not fade or come off, even after many car
washes and prolonged exposure to the elements.  It’s our gift
to you – a small token of our appreciation for the important
stand you are taking.

You can see your sticker and sign the letter of support for
Israel by going here:

When the United Nations votes to accept Palestinian statehood
in September, we unfortunately expect President Obama will
do what is politically expedient for him, his public
perception, and his relations with Muslim groups and
nations – and not what is in the best interest of Israel,
or even, sadly, the United States of America. 

      We soundly reject the Obama Administration’s policy

      I very much want to include your name in these letters
      to key American leaders letting them know that
      President Obama DOES NOT represent the views of the
      majority of Americans!  The fact is, a vast number
      of us don’t agree with his call for Israel to retreat.

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to
make YOUR voice heard on this crucial issue! I believe we
will achieve our goal of securing well over 100,000
Statements of Support from concerned Americans, hopefully
including you!

Please be heard by signing our “Stand with Israel!” letter.
Go here to sign:

I also ask for your fervent prayers for the Lord’s covering
over our meetings with the Israeli leadership over the next
several days. I will continue to update you on our progress.

God bless you for personally standing with His people in Israel!

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S. While I am delivering the powerful message to key Israeli
leaders from so many Americans that we “Stand With Israel,”
please help us strengthen our campaign by signing the “Stand
With Israel” letters being delivered to high-level American
leaders.  Click here to sign and be sure to watch for my updates:

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The Liberty Counsel Takes on ACLU in Santa Rosa County, Florida

This is an e-mail that I received this morning from the Liberty Counsel.  I am going to start sharing these with you for several reasons; for your information, to pray for them, and for your financial support should you feel led to.  In any case, I feel that we Christians need to be aware of the war that is being waged against our religious freedoms across the country.

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

            The deep-pocketed ACLU is aggressively trying
            to bury us in depositions and an array of legal
            processes to force a shutdown or delay of our
            lawsuit to protect Christian expression in
            Santa Rosa County, Florida. We are now just
            a few weeks away from a pivotal two-week
            trial – and we WILL NOT back down now!  Our
            legal team needs your prayers and support.
            See my urgent message below – Mat. 


We are locked in a marathon battle with the ACLU to stop
their radical agenda to criminalize Christianity!

            As I have been sharing for several months, Liberty
            Counsel has gone on the offense against the ACLU
            and their outrageous attempts to CRIMINALIZE
            common expressions of the Christian faith on
            the part of employees of the Santa Rosa County,
            Florida, school system.

            And although this case most directly affects
            a small school district in Northwest Florida,
            its impact will be felt across the nation, even
            in your community!

            After getting the initial charges against three
            school system employees dismissed, we filed a
            separate lawsuit against the school district
            and the ACLU on behalf of 24 people whose
            freedom of religious expression was threatened.
            Now the ACLU and their collaborators working
            for the school system are desperately fighting
            to preserve their precious Consent Decree.

++Every American‘s liberty will be affected by the outcome!

The ACLU and their colleagues representing the Santa Rosa
County School System know they can’t win this case on its
merits, so their strategy appears to be to bury us in
paperwork, extensive depositions, and the enormous number of
hours required to answer this barrage of legal documents!

Between the ACLU and lawyers representing the County School
System, there are eight or nine attorneys working to enforce
the oppressive Consent Decree the ACLU is fighting to preserve!
Between now and early July, when the trial begins, we will
have participated in as many as fifty intense depositions!

            In fact, last week two of Liberty Counsel’s
            senior litigators   spent as many as 15 hours
            a day in Northwest Florida, mostly working on
            depositions.  And we were given notice that
            next week, they have scheduled 20 more!

++The ACLU’s negative influence is insidious and powerful.

The ACLU’s nearly unlimited resources and fearsome reputation
among small communities and jurisdictions changes everything
about a case like this.  For instance, it seems amazing
how easily the Santa Rosa County School Board caved in
to ACLU demands that they sign a Consent Order that
sacrificed the constitutional rights of everyone involved
with their school system!
            As our on-scene team has observed, if they
            had committed even half of the effort they
            are making to enforce the   ACLU’s Consent
            Order against their own employees…to resisting
            the ACLU’s bullying in the first place…there
            never would have been any complaints from

But now, this case has become extremely dangerous both to
the people of Northwest Florida and to the nation as a whole.

++ Why is this case so important?

            The ACLU represents a “clear and present danger”
            to the religious liberties of the people of Santa
            Rosa County – and to every American’s liberties!
            Unchecked, they fully intend for their oppression
            to impact YOUR community like it has the
            Panhandle region of Florida.

            This case has reached a crucial phase.  It
            represents one of the ACLU’s fondest hopes for
            their nationwide strategy to rid America of
            public religious expression.  Santa Rosa County,
            Florida, is truly “ground zero” for America’s
            religious liberty!

Now more than ever, I need your help to counter the huge war
chest of the ACLU and to counter their “overwhelm your
opponent” strategy in Florida!

Will you prayerfully consider making a tax-deductible gift
right now so our team can continue to fight against the
attacks of the ACLU and the activities of other radical
legal groups, many of which are affiliated or highly
cooperative with the ACLU?

Click below to support Liberty Counsel’s mission.  Any gift
of $25 or more will entitle you to a free copy of the newly
revised edition my powerful book, “Take Back America.” 
Click here to learn more about your free gift:

++ACLU bullying must be stopped! 

Last year, Liberty Counsel won cases on behalf of three
school employees in Santa Rosa County, but afterward the
students and staff in the school district remained unable
to exercise their rights because no one wanted to be
dragged into court.

            Some testified under oath that they literally
            had to hide in closets and closed rooms to
            pray for fear that they, too, would become
            TARGETS OF THE ACLU.

In my opinion, the ACLU is the most hostile organization
toward liberty and the freedom of religious expression
in the history of our nation. Their organizational goals
are statist, left-wing, anti-Christian, anti-free-speech,
and the exact opposite of their misleading name – all of
which makes the ACLU the enemy of true freedom, not its
so-called “watchdog.”

Yet, I am pleased to inform friends like you that Liberty
Counsel has a 92 percent winning record against the deep-
pocketed ACLU. And the ACLU knows it, thanks be to God!

Year-in and year-out, we achieve a great deal of impact
in proportion to the amount of donations we receive. 
Most of the gifts we receive are dedicated directly to
providing legal services and information.  That’s
because a large portion of our operating budget comes
from attorney’s fees when the government or groups
like the ACLU are found liable for civil rights violations.

The bottom line is that your gifts can be immediately put
to work winning the battle for our culture in courtrooms
across the nation — and right now, that means standing
up to the ACLU bullies (and their misguided confederates)
in Santa Rosa County, Florida!

Teresa, I need your help in two ways:

FIRST, our legal team needs prayer for strength to continue
this arduous battle. The ACLU has several attorneys on
location and they are very closely working with lawyers
hired by the School District – a total of at least eight
or nine!  Of course, these attorneys have access to the
resources of the national organization, as well.

SECOND, your financial support will keep our legal team
engaged in stopping the ACLU from criminalizing Christianity
and in good shape to advance other key legal cases and
public policy initiatives in which we are engaged.  Of
course, our lawsuit against ObamaCare is never far from
the front burner!

PLEASE consider a special gift to Liberty Counsel to meet
this critical need.  For any gift of $25 or more, I will
send you a free copy of my recently updated book, “Take
Back America.” 

            The new, revised edition includes updated
            information on Liberty Counsel’s battle
            against ObamaCare, our confrontation with
            the ACLU in Northwest Florida, and many
            other recent battles.

Please go here to help and to learn more about your free gift:

Teresa, the countdown to the Santa Rosa County trial
has begun.  With the workload we are processing each day,
the remaining time before we once again enter the Federal
District Court in Pensacola will fly by.  Our heritage of
liberty in America is literally at stake and the battle
is greatly intensifying!

Please consider a financial gift today as the Lord leads
you to give.

THANK YOU in advance and may God abundantly bless you!

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel