Short Story Slam Week 24; Memory Lane

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

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Dark Summer Nights – Hay(na)ku

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When I Die

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Each has a life
to share with another
a husband, a wife
a sister or brother

A mother and father
or just a friend
time with each other
we all do spend

Some have their children
who will carry on
birthing future generations
long after they’re gone

And there are times
that I sit and try
to imagine just what
they’ll say when I die

Will it be the laughter
in days we spent
here on this earth
as I came and went

That my loved ones
will remember of me
for that is how
I want it to be

And for them to know
deep down in their hearts
that no one truly
ever from here departs

We all leave pieces
of bread crumbs behind
that if anyone looks
are easy to find

So this is what,
dear Lord, I pray
that about me
my children say

“Do you remember when
mom was acting a nut
we all laughed so hard
that it hurt our gut?

How Mark ran for tissues
’cause mom would not hide
when she watched a sad movie
all the tears she cried?

How about those times
we’d¬†shake our head
at the crazy things
that she often said?

And I think you
will have to agree
’twas¬†that soft heart
 we all loved endlessly

How we always knew
that she’d be there
when we were needing
for someone to care!”

Then, Lord, if this is
what they say of me
my time was well spent
and I will be happy!

Teresa Marie  12/15/11 ©

Quacking Through The Rain

I was outside today
standing underneath my umbrella

And saw the cutest sight
well just¬†let me tell ya’

I crossed a mama duck
there quacking through the rain

And in tow behind her
was a little duckling train

A row of miniature versions
giving out their mini quacks

As all through the air
my laughter peals and cracks

Wish I’d had a camera
for a picture of that mother

But¬†in my mind’s eye
I’ve already snapped the shutter!

Teresa Marie  12/7/11