Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth


Fear Refined

Close to Thee – Haiku

Dream – 30 Day Letter Writing Challenge: Letter 5

(image source: dreamworlds.ru)

to leave
a book behind


of fantasy
grandchildren to find 


my poetry
to be defined


of what’s
inside my mind


Teresa Marie  1/20/12 © 



A Cliche’ In Mind

Oft’ do I find
a cliche’ in mind

When sitting to write
of my latest plight

Trying not to go
where you already know

Rather bring something new
over which to chew

But it’s never easy
whether in-depth or breezy

A message getting across
without suffering a loss

Of the point made
to not soon fade

Yet in a cliche’ mind
it often stays I find!

Teresa Marie  11/28/11

Week 57:




It Is The Heart

It is the heart
that does always feel
from the very start
telling you the deal

Of what the eyes
just can not see
through mask of disguise
before you or me

And the heart knows
what the mind can’t
understand in the throes
of the world’s slant

God put it there
for so many reasons
we should never dare
ignore its different seasons

Holding love or hate
having joy or sorrow
there is no debate
it could change tomorrow

But the heart does
the truth always know
and that is because
He made it so!

Teresa Marie  10/15/11