Tormenting Souls

Silence of Shame

You Win

Has Suicide Won?

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The Beauty Of Anne Frank

I don’t think of
all the misery seen

Of those angry people
who are so mean

But of the beauty
that still does remain

Not letting the horror
my heart to stain

That’s the beauty of
this precious Anne Frank

When reading her story
how my heart sank

A life of desperation
was forced to live

When she only had
her love to give

A time of terror
hiding in a room

‘Til having no escape
finally met her doom

With tear streaming eyes
I reached the end

Feeling that I had
lost a lovely friend.

Teresa Marie  10/6/11


My life’s been shattered

Into a million pieces

Thought are all scattered

The dream now ceases

I don’t even feel

My heart is numb

When did you steal

My love’s total sum?

Now you are gone

I sit here and cry

Time to move on

I just want to die

Shattered on the wall

What’s left of me

And feeling very small

Crushed by the misery!

Teresa Marie   9/13/11

This one’s for you Cait, I love you!

Beautiful Disaster

One kiss and it was my beautiful disaster.  -Unknown

Raven, oh raven
what shall I do?

What has this masquerade
now led me into?

It was one kiss
and that was all

That it had taken
for me to fall

Into my beautiful disaster
which has left me

Here talking to you
and crying in misery

Raven, oh raven
now I comprehend

That’s what happens
when you pretend!

Teresa Marie  8/25/11

That one is also for you, Sara.

Use Any of My Names

Allow me to introduce myself
you should know my name
though I’m known by many
you can call me BLAME

Or if you would prefer
to use a different one
there is always MISERY
let’s have a little fun

Some will call me DEATH
and then others use PAIN
SIN’s a good one too
when your soul I stain

You can call me TRAVESTY
or TRAV’s okay for short
I like the name TRAGEDY
when it is my first resort

are others that do apply
and plenty people out there
will see me when they die

They’ll visit me at home
for more than just a spell
when this life is over
and they go to hell.

Teresa Marie   8/17/11

Don’t You See?

My heart is broken
don’t you see

Why did you
do this to me?

Eight years of marriage
are now lost

You didn’t even
consider the cost

Why did you go
 and cheat on me?

You left me here
drowning in misery

Did you think
this was a game?

It’s all over and
you’re to blame

All I do
is cry and cry

Until my tears
have all run dry

And now you want
me to stay

But I can’t pretend
it all away

Time has come
to move on

For whatever we had
is now gone

Why oh why?
God please help me

Find my way
’cause I can’t see!

Teresa Marie  8/13/11


The Face Of Rage

Dedicated to all those who feel stuck in an abusive lifestyle.  There is hope!  There is help!

Take the first step to a life free of abuse!!  I did and it’s marvelous.