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Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

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Free Write Friday Prompt #15; Directions



#FWF Free Write Friday; Photo Prompt

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Psychedelic Traces (Haiku)




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All the things I have seen                                        

All the places I have been                                       

All the things that came between                         

All the times my slate wiped clean                       

All the things I didn’t mean                                      

All the times on You I lean                                       

All my mistakes since a teen

All the drugs from which to ween

All the days with hands unclean

All the sins I left unseen

All the seedy place I shouldn’t have been

 Since my life did once begin

 With my childhood left therein

Coins in my cup of tin

 As You took away my sin

Where would I ever try to begin

That peace be found there within

Attempts for recognition among the din

A life of freedom there to win 

Stacked a mile on head of a pin

My soul contains them there in

Those things that led me into sin

Made excuses for it all

Every time I dropped the ball

The many times to me You’d call

When to answer I would stall

Then You weren’t my all-in-all

What I did must You appall

That I did have such a gall

With my back against the wall

Never on my knees would crawl

Until I took a massive fall

And made to You my final call!

Teresa Marie  12/18/11 ©

Paying The Cost?

Sometimes it just seems
that all hope’s lost

And forever will I
be paying the cost

For the great misfortune 
of my worst mistake

When everything from me
it threatens to take

There are so many
that I have made

But over and over
for one I’ve paid

And I ask God
to please grant me

Just a little peace
to have some serenity

For all my hope
does lie in Him

And most especially when
it’s grown quite slim!

Teresa Marie  11/26/11


Deaf World

God whispers to us in our pleasures,   speaks in our conscience,   but shouts in our pains;
it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world.      C.S. Lewis


Pleasure doesn’t teach us little
but rather whispers “enjoy”

Our conscience will lead us
if its message we’d employ

But God must loudly then
shout at us through pain

That is if our attention
it’s His wish to sustain

For in this deaf world
He does need a megaphone

And it is only pain
that does the work alone

So then do not complain
if that’s what it takes

The fault is our own
’cause God doesn’t make mistakes!

Teresa Marie  11/23/11


My Friday Thoughts – Blessings Not Burdens

Children are blessings, not burdens.  Though when we are too young to have them it may seem the opposite. 

I can’t imagine what it would be like to have given a child up for adoption, I know that it is the best decision that some have had to make for the sake of that child.  I am quite certain that the adoptive parents view it as a blessing. 

I don’t know where I would be without my children today.  I do know that I was not the best mother in the far past but have tried to make that up to them in the recent past.  I feel the burden of my “sins of neglect” to this day but the forgiveness they have given me and with the grace of God, that burden has become lighter over the years.

They do have happy childhood memories, just not as many as I would have liked and yet we have built many adult memories that will be with them after I am gone.  It is never too late to make things right, unless we wait too long.  When we are gone, they will be left with the regret of lost chances.  Don’t do that to them – we are the ones who have to ensure this doesn’t happen.

To wallow in our regrets to the point of never making them right, to stay stuck in our bitterness over the past is neglect of the first order.  Take responsibility for mistakes, we all make them including our children.  Ask their forgiveness before it’s too late – you will be doing both of you a favor.  Tell them today that you love and cherish them!  I never hang up the phone without saying so nor part without a kiss and “I love you”!!

Always remember that Jesus died for us because He loves us!

In His love,

Precious Life Lessons

We all make mistakes
but for heaven sakes
do whatever it takes
to appreciate your mistakes

‘Cause they hold it’s true
precious lessons for you 
so in everything you do
to yourself be true

To be learned the hard way
through each and every day
but if the truth we say
we don’t lose our way

Let mistakes be taken
the lessons not forsaken
and if I’m not mistaken
to heaven you’ll be taken!

Teresa Marie   7/22/11