Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

by frizztext


The Fairy And The Moon

(image source: google.com/images)

The fairy and the moon
had a chat one night

Sitting among the clouds
there in the star’s light

About life on the earth
along with this and that

While floating on downy comfort
as they chewed the fat

Discussing how it was
that  silly human beings

Each thought they deserved
the finest of all things

And just at the idea
the both of them laughed

Then moon to fairy said,
“They must all be daft!”

To which the fairy replied,
“I really think it’s sad 

“For what they were given
they should be more glad!” 

Which then caused the moon
to pause for a just minute

When most suddenly he said,
“I don’t think they get it!”

“You know,” the fairy said
you just may be right!

“But do they not hear 
those angels singing tonight?

“Maybe I should go and
make sure that they do!”

As away the little fairy
into the sky then flew

To join the choir of angels
 so she could joyously sing

And tell all of the world
“Give glory to your King!”

Teresa Marie  1/21/12  ©

Do I Or Not?

As here I sit
out on the ledge
Do I or not
go over the edge?

Staring at the moon
wishing I could fly
As a single tear
falls from my eye

And I begin talking
up to the Man
Asking Him these questions,
“Is this Your plan?”

“Should I now jump
or go back inside?
In Your loving arms
can I just hide,”

“Away from this world
with all it’s pain?”
As He answers me,
“You must now refrain!”

“I’ll give you strength
so come unto Me
And when you do
My peace you’ll see!”

I know that this
choice is mine alone
Guess I’ll go inside
and answer the phone!

Teresa Marie  10/9/11

Staring At The Moon

As at the moon I stare
I wonder is God there?

When life is so unfair
I question does God care?

With sin around us everywhere
does He have grace to spare?

When my faith I declare
should I these questions share?

Fear lead me not into despair
let not doubt my soul ensnare

God my love do I swear
from all sin my soul repair

‘Cause I know You’re truly there
for I can see You everywhere!

Teresa Marie   9/16/11


The World Means Everything

The world means everything
that there is to me
Every little bird to sing
and fish in the sea

I even love the rain
for it contains a rainbow
The freshness in the air
after the storms blow

And you are my world
I wouldn’t live without you
For my sun and moon
rise and fall with you

Darling I love you!

Teresa Marie  9/4/11

Talking to The Moon

One time a little fairy

Flew high into the night

Until she reached the moon

Who shimmered with delight


“Hello  Mr. Moon“, she said,

“Sing a song to me

Of golden stars and unicorns

In a dream world fantasy


Sing to me of a time

When in the world we find

The sweetest of Godly love

Does rule all of mankind”


Mr. Moon then gently said

“My dear, dear little fairy

There soon will come a time

That God on earth we’ll see!”


The little fairy then flew home

To where the fairies live

So that she could tell all

She had Good News to give!

Teresa Marie  8/24/11