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Heart of Grief


Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Regret

by frizztext

The Loss of Innocence

I mourn for the innocence
that to me is lost

Is there no recompenses
for what it has cost?

I mourn for a childhood
not allowed to see

For you have stolen
it away from me

I mourn the friends
you would not allow

Even though I do
have a few somehow

I mourn the time
you took from me

When you made sure
mom I couldn’t see

Now it’s your turn
time’s come to pay

And it may hurt
as I walk away

No longer will you do
things to me you’ve done

I won’t have to mourn
in the new life begun

I know that God
everything does see

And He is blessing
the life ahead of me!

Teresa Marie   9/1/11

Hold your head high, Sara!  Don’t let anyone ever take that you from. 
I love you more than life itself, Mom

Love I Mourn

The idea of love I mourn

You took the dream from me

And I am left with scorn

Of what never came to be

What I once thought was born

Between my innocence and thee

Is now shame my neck adorn

When you made it a travesty

Left it to me as foreign

As a continent across the sea

The graveyard I go to mourn

For that’s where love must be!

Teresa Marie   8/27/11

Don’t Call Me Stupid


“Don’t call me stupid, don’t ask why I would do this.  Tell dad to be strong and make sure the funeral home covers the scars.” 

While reading your note I cried

For the pain that you did hide

Every time I asked you lied

And kept all of it inside

Why didn’t you in me confide

I’d have stood by your side

What made you ever decide

It’d be better if you died?


Now you are gone from me

And never again will I see

The chance to set you free

From the bonds of the enemy

That had haunted you endlessly

For today you’ve entered eternity

And left me here crying ceaselessly

Oh why didn’t you come to me?


Now all I can do is pray

Tell you the things I didn’t say

Hope to see you again one day

When this world for me falls away

And ask the Lord not to delay

To save you soul from decay

His great mercy to you display

And that in heaven you will stay!

Teresa Marie   6/22/11