There’s a Name
above all names
I am clinging to

Unto earth came
to die in shame
all for me and you

My current life
heaped with strife
and the mounting stress

Won’t take me down
when He’s around
my each day to bless

That I not fall
His Name I call
to always sustain me

For I do know
trapped in the flow
by my side He’ll be!

Teresa Marie 4/3/12 ©




by frizztext

Free Write Friday; Letter by the Bed


Here is your prompt:

You wake to find yourself in a strange house and you cannot remember your own name. You roll over and see a letter by the bed.
Is it for you? Who is it from? What does it say? Does it explain where you are and why?


My dearest darling
I’ll be missing you

 Meet the same place
that we always do

When with your business
you are finally through

Think of me today
and how I love you!

Please don’t you worry
about what they say

‘Cause they don’t matter
to us in any way

We won’t miss them
on any given day

It’s your time in life
to be happy and gay

No matter what ruse
they try to employ

There’s not a chance
my love to destroy 

And just remember that
you are not their toy

You’re no little girl
and I am no boy

So hurry along darling
then come meet me

I will be waiting
here by the sea

Then we’ll be sure
you forever are free

For my dearest, my darling
you’re everything to me!!

Teresa Marie  2/10/12 ©

Free Write Friday; Letter by the Bed

by Kellie Elmore

Jesus; A-Z Alphabet Challenge; J-Archives

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for Jesus

Savior I love


all other

names is above


from heaven

unto earth came


remove our

sin and shame!

Teresa Marie  1/14/12 ©



One Name




found meaning

in One Name

Teresa Marie  12/19/11 ©


In Your Name

 Lord, in Your Name
 meaning I have found

There is no shame
contained in its sound

Lord, by Your Name
have I been healed

And by the same
my forehead is sealed

Lord, through Your Name
strength is given me

I know You came
to give us eternity

Lord, it’s Your Name
that none is above

In glory You became
the object of my love!

Teresa Marie  10/16/11

Rejoicing In The Lord

Rejoicing in the Lord
giving to Him praise
that He be adored
all our living days

Stated in the Word
this we should do
a message I’ve heard
try to follow through

It’s easy to forget
in our busy day
if our mind’s set
we’ll find a way

Glory we need give
to His Holy Name
every day we live
and be without blame!

Teresa Marie  10/13/11

For Old Ire’

This poem is for old Ire’
The land I hope someday to see
From whence my family came
With O’Brien as our last name
Proud of our Irish history

The Purple Treehouse Week 3 submission #2 – Limerick