Reliance on God

Faith is a choice we make
to do over and over again
and the world we then forsake
as in that choice we remain.

Only on God may we rely
as the Bible tells us to
until the day we will die
and with this life we’re through.

But there is but one way
reliance on Him can be done
and start with each new day
at the rising of the sun.

Pray to God for His strength
and your faith in Him renew
to last the width and length
of your entire day through.

Teresa Marie  5/10/11



The Purpose

The purpose of life is not
in what’s remembered or forgot

But that we must all live
to take less than we give

To shed the Light and love
of the Lord our God above

That each and every day
we show others the Way

To live a life of purpose
the Father in heaven may bless.

Teresa Marie  5/9/11

Dancing In The Rain

What life is not about
is the wanting or waiting
for the storms to pass
while we sit there contemplating.

For I do regret to say
those storms will come and go
all through your entire life
so there’s one thing to know,

A lesson that I did learn
behind the trials and pain
if you have the Lord
you’ll be dancin’ in the rain!

Teresa Marie   5/9/11 ©

My Monday Thoughts – I Love Quotes


I love images that bring you in, such as the one above, and I love to read quotes!  As you well know by now, I love to write poems from them too.  Last night I went on my Bible Verse Images site that I get a lot of the wallpapers that I use and found a new place to get quotes from other than my Twitter people.  It’s called  I spent a couple of hours going through the 2 of them last night.  So, no big surprise, I’ll be writing a bunch of new poems in the very near future.

I think it’s great how people can use just a few words to communicate a message that speaks volumes.  That is one technique that I am still trying to master.  I know that I get too wordy in some of my poetry.  I am attempting to break that habit.  The saying, “Less is more” is very true.  We will see how I do with it in this next batch that I write.

And speaking of poems, yesterday when I saw my mother I asked her if she got her copy of the poem that I wrote her.  I had e-mailed her the post.  She said that she had and she sent me an e-mail back.  I replied that I hadn’t got it.  It was good that I asked.  So, she proceeded to tell me that it was beautiful and brought a tear to her eyes.  She also read it to a bunch of people and one friend asked her to print her a copy of it.  I guess I did good there.

Well that’s it for my daily thoughts ’cause I’m off to write those new ones.  Until later…

Always remember that Jesus died for us because He loves us!

May you have a blessed and prosperous day,
Teresa Marie


“Everyone has a past to deal with, but God wants you to realise that there is life beyond your past.”   – Eyob Kassa
Are you haunted by the past?
Will it not leave you alone?
Does your happiness fail to last
for seeds of regret you’ve sown?
No need to be that way
God wants you to realize
with the start of each new day
look into the clear blue skies,
To know there is a Life
that goes beyond your past,
leave behind regrets and strife
and into the fire them cast.
Go out and live each day
the way you wished you had
Then the past will decay
And life won’t look so bad!
Teresa Marie ©

A Pound Of Knowledge


“Beware you be not swallowed up in books!  An ounce of love is worth a pound of knowledge.”   – John Wesley
Of this you must beware
And then take special care
Not be swallowed up in
This earthly world of sin
And follow in its ways
Doing whatever it says
Of the knowledge to pursue
Above anything else you do
For it’s not worth a pound
Over what I have found
‘Cause when you walk in love
You give praise to God above
Doesn’t matter what you know
But how through life you go!
Teresa Marie   5/6/11

Stay Thy Heart


When you have no helpers, see all your helpers in God. When you have many helpers, see God in all your helpers. When you have nothing but God, see all in God; when you have everything, see God in everything. Under all conditions, stay thy heart only on the Lord.

Charles H. Spurgeon


When you have helpers none
See your help in the One
Whom all creation has begun
And the glorious work He’s done

When you have helpers many
See Him in them plenty
Make it more than evidently
As you treat them gently

When you are holding nothing
And very hard you’re working
You wait upon that blessing
That heaven will be sending

But when you have everything
Be careful you’re not missing
The praise you need be singing
With your gratitude in offering

For if you stay thy heart
On the Lord at the start
And from it not depart
You’ll be the one who’s smart!


Teresa Marie  5/5/11