Hunger For Love

Earth Angel

I wrote this yesterday to my wonderful Attorney and thought that I would share it with you as well!  Hope you enjoy it.

Picture It & Write # 31; Her Luxury, My Need



The air felt so cold against my damp skin that it burned. I heaved myself through the icy water. Why did my useless younger brother throw my book? He was probably jealous I could read and he couldn’t. Literacy was a luxury that my father had bestowed me when he had been alive. I could hear him snorting from the side of the lake. I hissed at him to shut up.  If my mother found me waist deep in the lake searching for a book she’d scour my bedroom and burn the few books I had hidden. She hated my incessant reading, she would remind me time and time again that I needed to work on my ability to cook and not my ability to read. ‘A man wouldn’t marry you for your mind, Dorothea.’ My trembling fingers clasped onto the wet book which floated with its pages open, thirsting to be read. This story of mine, of the drowned.

 Ermisenda Alvarez


__picture it & write

by Ermilia


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Touch – Haiku

Lord, hold me closely

I’m found in need of Your touch

I’ve missed You so much!

Teresa Marie  1/13/12 ©


For all my hurting friends,
you know who you are,
and I love you,
just as He does ♥ 

To Be Happy

For children to be happy
so little do they need

Just to change their diaper
and their mouth to feed

Their wants are very simple
for they know not greed

To gain all their love
is so easy to succeed

When it’s a healthy trust
in them that you breed

You reinforce it each day
with your every loving deed

So when you get tired
of supplying what they need

Remember it takes so little
for their happiness to exceed!

Teresa Marie  11/4/11