Dark Summer Nights – Hay(na)ku

*image sources: wallpaper-s.org

Dark And Gloomy

On a night dark and gloomy
wind going right straight through me

Was my house coming up to
when a wariness inside me grew

My doors were standing open wide
what if someone was waiting inside?

I was there and all alone
began searching for my cell phone

With it ready there in hand
was ready to “beat the band”

And with that being all done
once inside I grabbed a gun

Walked around from room to room
then outside I heard a boom

It scared me half to death
I sucked in an extra breath

Then I did come to realize
that lightning had lit the skies

When assured no one was there
I sat down in the chair

Proud that I’d been so strong
and wondered what had gone wrong

My husband’s regular evening call
told the story of it all

He woke up for work late
ran like a horse from the gate

Must have not closed the doors
and my peace that all restores!

Teresa Marie  10/19/11