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Ever dreamed that you’re falling
with no way of forestalling?

Heart beats faster and faster
and everything spells disaster

The seconds go by flashing
as to the ground you’re crashing

You know that you’ll die
as to heaven you cry

“Oh God, please save me!”
 in your fear so desperately

And just before the sound
of you hitting the ground

With a jarring kinda shake
you find yourself awake

But I have a question
and maybe a suggestion

Did you then again speak
 or at any time seek 

After God’s help again
or just a nightmare pretend?

Teresa Marie  1/7/12  © 

Tequila – Free Write Fridays; Time and Place

Oh my God,
what have I done?

Man, too bright
is that stinkin’ sun

Must of been
drinking tequila again

With my one
most psychotic friend

What crazy thing
for us to do

This time has
she talked me into? 

Don’t even know
where we are

But from home
sure it’s far

My mind’s too
fuzzy to think

Why did I go
out and drink?

Maybe if I
go back to sleep

This’ll be a nightmare
that I won’t keep

And I’ll awake
home in bed

To nurse this
hangover there instead!

Teresa Marie  1/6/12 © 


PromptYou have just woken up in the backseat of a car and you look up to see palm tree’s through the back glass. The sun is setting and you realize you are far from home…

The Apparition After Me

From the apparition in
my nightmare  it seem

Which did shimmer, shake
and in whiteness gleam

There was no escape
that could be seen

As in my trembling
I began to scream

Trying my hardest
to just get away

As behind me floated
to my utter dismay

This ghost of terror
from a world of gray

Where no innocent life
was meant to stay

I knew she wanted
to take my soul

And that was her
  one and only goal 

 As a backward glance 
over my shoulder I stole

Before I fell into
a deep, dark hole

 With an evil laugh
she came after me

I was as terrified
as I ever could be

I prayed that another
day I would see

As an angel came
 to save my eternity

Between it and me
my guardian did stand

With a golden sword
held in her hand

In some kinda language 
that I couldn’t understand

She gave that demon
a most firm command

And when I’d thought
I was about to die

My Father in heaven
had heard my cry

Sending me an angel
on whom to rely

Telling me He listens
if only praying I try!

Teresa Marie   11/26/11 

Something Wicked

Have you ever had
one of those dreams
when something wicked’s coming
as you stifle your screams

All you wanna do
is to just get out
but there’s no way to
and you want to shout

As you sneak around
searching where to hide
from room to room
you slip and slide

The wicked thing’s coming
closer and closer too
as your hearts pounding
hard inside of you

Your mind is filled
with so much fear
that you begin to think
the wicked thing will hear

Then your mouth gets
so thick and dry
your lips start to crack
and you want to cry

In the next room
you hear it there
but to take a breath
you don’t even dare

When all the sudden
you are now awake
with your heart thumping
no more can you take

All you think of is
 “Was that a nightmare?”
and can’t go back to sleep
’cause it was such a scare?!

Teresa Marie  11/8/11






The Nightmare


‘Twas in the middle of night
when dream turned to nightmare
and the scene once bright
now had none to spare

I was instantly so afraid
felt the need to run
but once the decision made
it couldn’t then be done

My feet felt like lead
when them I couldn’t lift
my legs numb and dead
through the nightmare I drift

I was being pulled in
to a most evil place
and felt the wickedness within
 my heart began to race

As before her I stood
the queen of damned’s throne
and it was then understood
’twas me and me alone

Upon whom she’d taken aim
as she cackled with glee
my soul to only claim
as her prize for eternity

I shook with no control
her evilness was so thick
as over me it roll
felt that I’d be sick

As she began to speak
my skin began to crawl
and knees went so weak
I was sure I’d fall

“Join us in our sin
there is pleasure and reward
if you do you’ll win
all the world can afford?”

Give me strength, I prayed
right at that very moment
His hand upon me laid
and the nightmare had went

Over and over and again
I whispered, it wasn’t real
but the fear still remain
that my soul she’d steal

When I heard a voice say
“To worry there’s no need
just don’t lose your way
through her sin and greed.”

When I was fully awake
I got on my knees
Lord, protect me for Your sake
from her evil world’s disease!”

Teresa Marie  9/16/11