Whew, What A Dream!

Must be some kind
of acid trip dream
with a centipede pulling
a cart it seem

In it was riding
this huge old baby
and he was whipping
the centipede like crazy

Though I took acid
twice and no more
I had never had
any flashbacks before

And that huge baby
just kept whipping away
“I’ve gotta wake up!”
all I could say

Just as his head
turned looking at me
my mind and body
with each other agree

I then awoke to
the sound of screaming
and said, “Thank God!
I was only dreaming!!”

Teresa Marie  9/25/11

Broken Ropes

Last night I had a nightmare

It gave me quite a scare

I am a little girl in it

And upon a swing I sit

Someone behind me was pushing

The air around me swooshing

With the bright blue sea

There in front of me

But then the ropes broke

And I started to choke

As the fear did rise

With my screaming cries

Then I did awake

Whatever do you make

Of such a scary dream

And all it does seem?

Teresa Marie  8/26/11