Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award …




Okay, this is a new one for me and also not ever seen before!  

I want to thank  Laura at for nominating me!

 If you’ve not visited her blog before, I highly recommend that you do!  Believe me when I say that you’ll enjoy yourself there 🙂

Now, getting to the rules of this award:

I am to tell you seven things that you don’t know about me but I’m having some problems with this one.  Since I’m pretty much a blabber-mouth about myself and my past, how do I come up with something that you don’t already know?

1)  I acquired this particular liking from my first husband; bacon and jelly sandwiches.

2) This particular one came from my dad; tomato sandwiches and Vidalia onion sandwiches.

3) When I was pregnant with my son, my cravings were for either Mexican or Chinese food.

4) When I was in High School, my favorite after-school snack was a chocolate milk shake and pretzels.

5) Many years ago (about 25 of them) and before the M.S., when I could still read books, I belonged to three separate book clubs at the same time and would average at least one book a week read.  Most of those that I would read were 750+ pages.

6)  My mother had 12 kids in her family and my father had 7.

7)  I live in the same place I was born in (about 25 miles from my parent’s house where I grew up).


Now I have to nominate some people, it didn’t say how many but I agree with Laura that, considering the name of the award, they should be females.  So here goes:

1)  My cyber-daughter Abi @

2)  My friend Terry @

3)  My friend Soma @

4)  My friend Len @

5)  My friend Izzy @

6)  My friend Becca @

7)  My friend Maria @

And that is just scratching the surface, this list could go on for pages with names of the many wonderful and talented women that I have met here in the cyber-world!!  Please take a moment to visit them and see for yourself!

Thanks again Laura!!

Hugs and blessings to all,

Sunshine Award Nomination Received

I had not received this one yet 🙂 so thanks to Muhammad @, that was very sweet of you to think of me for this award.  I will add it to my page today!

Questions that came with the award:

  • Favorite color: I love colors period but am partial the the Southwest colors of tan/turquoise/brown/rust/purple/peach
  • Favorite animal: Dogs and Bearded Dragons (We have a Jack Russell Terrier named Jack, a Rat Terrier named Geezer, a Giant German dragon named Ozzie, a Sandfire dragon named Stubby – ’cause his half his tail was bitten off by another dragon before we got him – and just recently added a Red Sandfire dragon named Rosey)
  • Favorite number: 7 and 11 (not because of betting but that is the number of years between my children 🙂 )
  • Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Vanilla Pepsi
  • Prefer Facebook or Twitter: Don’t spend much time on either one more than the other, WordPress is my favorite site.
  • My Passion: writing and making people laugh/smile
  • Prefer getting or giving presents: Giving, but I don’t mind receiving them either 🙂
  • Favorite Pattern: rainbow
  • Favorite Day of the Week: Every day is a blessing
  • Favorite Flower: Lilac
I don’t know how many people I am supposed to nominate for this award but I will give you a few that bring Sunshine to my day often:
Andy @

Lynn @
These are just a few of the many wonderful people that I have met and come adore since I have been on here; if your name does not appear in this list, please do not be offended!  If I were to include you all, it would take me 2 days to make this list 🙂

ABC Award – Thank You

I would like to thank Celeste of  Mortal hearts with immortal souls for nominating me for this award.  Celeste is a dear soul and I am sure that you will benefit from visiting her blog.

Acceptance of this award includes the following:

1. Thank the person who nominated you

2. There is no limit to how many fellow bloggers you can nominate so go crazy

3. Share some things about you but alphabetically just a word or two about you starting with each alphabet. (Or alternatively, just write    the first word you think of.)

A- affectionate
B- boisterous
C- creative
D- dill pickles
E- entertaining
F- flighty
G- giving
H- honest
I- inventive
J- jelly beans
K- kind
L- laughter
M- motherly
N- nice
O- open
P- popcorn
Q- quirky
R- real
S- soulful
T- tenacious
U- unique
V- verbal
W- writer
X- extrovert
Y- yellow submarine
Z-  zeppelin

and I nominate the following blogs that are well deserving of this award as well:

This list could go on and on, there are so many of you wonderful bloggers out there that I hold in high esteem.  I tried this time to pick different people than the ones I’ve chosen before.  Just wanted to try to spread it around a little.

Congratulation to all of you.  If your blog is not on here, please – please take no offense!  If I had more energy, I would have gone further but I’m still sick and don’t want to pressure myself into doing more 😦 than what I feel able to handle right now.

Love to all,

Lovely Blogger Award

Oh my goodness, Zoey & Gabby, I almost forgot about this.  

Please forgive me!

My two wonderful friends nominated me for this award
a couple of days ago and I completely spaced it out!!


Thank you so much to:

I will have to put some thought into who
I will pass this one along to but I wanted to
first get this acknowledgement done and
send my thanks to my girls, you’re the best!  

Hugs, Terri

Handing It Off To My Dream Catchers


All through our life
the dream catchers come

With loving support are
these purveyors of wisdom

And although I know
my list may be long

To have left some out
would have been wrong

When in all truth
there would be more

But they have already
received this award before

So it is my friends
you shine like the sun

And now it’s your turn
to take it and run!

Teresa Marie  1/7/12 © 

I have had to privilege of being nominated for the Candle Lighter Award by three people now;  Zoey, Gabby and Becca.

When I got it the first time, I didn’t realize that I was supposed to hand it off 😦  Sorry Zoey and Gabby.  When Becca gave it to me, then the lightbulb went off 🙂  

And so here is my list of nominations:

Arjun Sharma








Aurora, HSP

David M. Green

Maria Tatham

Eric Alagan

“Surviving the Storm Blog”

Jessie Jeanine

Life: Between the lines

Soma Mukherjee

Jeanne Webster


And please, if I skipped over you, don’t be offended because it was just my damaged brained error and not that you don’t deserve it!!  I cherish you all from the bottom of my heart!

Peace, love, blessings and Light!