Mad Hatter Matter (and Update)

mad hatter

I thought that I might actually lose it today!  I’ve been barely hanging on with my last fingernail, then it broke!!

Mark took his sugar readings and they were as follows: 139 (scary but he didn’t fast as long as he was supposed to so we disregarded it), 89, 86 and 88.  Which, according to the papers they gave him, was a possible indication of hypoglycemia.  Then he went to the doctor this afternoon.  The nurse practitioner that he saw before was sick and so he got a different one.

She completely threw out the notion that it was his blood and went straight for another possibility.  Guess what she said?  His heart!  As she was getting some papers she had printed for him, in walks his doctor who is on vacation this week.  He came in specifically to talk to Mark and order a battery of heart tests.

I didn’t want to believe what I thought I had heard in my spirit intentionally when this all started but, as with every time I ignore those voices, I should have listened!!  I’m numb right now with the shock to my system.

For better news:

Dad’s biopsy came back negative, so no cancer.

Kevin said that their grandson was released from the hospital yesterday.  The granddaughter is doing well enough that they are putting that piece of her skill back on and she is no longer being kept sedated.  She is expected to recover with, hopefully, minimal or no permanent damage to her brain.  They are all staying at the Ronald McDonald house so they can be close to her.  Jodie’s son’s funeral was today.

Please pray for Mark some more!!!  I’m worried sick, in more ways than one but mostly because, what would I ever do without my soul mate here with me?  I can’t fathom it 😦

Love, hugs and blessings to you all, Terri