Christmas Dreams of Children



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 The Christmas dreams of children
are of Santa’s workshop

Where elves work frantically
all his sleigh to top

With gaily wrapped presents
for good girls and boys

All they could ask for
in stuffed animals and toys

Some deserving little girls
will get new baby dolls

When they pull the string
out to them it calls

And there will some
of the dreaming boys

Who receive the Nutcracker
as desired of his toys

That one enchanted eve
unto life will spring

Mounting up an army
in the playroom to bring

And save sister’s doll
this prince in disguise

Leading the Rat King
down to his demise

While sugar plums and candy canes
through sissy’s dreams all dance

Brother smiles when the Nutcracker
slays Rat King with his lance

As there on Christmas Eve
will the children dream

Until the morning’s light
does through the window stream!

Teresa Marie  12/13/11 ©


For my children and grandchildren, I love you

Dance With Me

Come with me dance
my sugar plum fairy

While we’ve the chance
let us be merry

While the snow falls
’round the sugar tree

Before winter’s end calls
dance sugar plum fairy

In your ballet sweet
through the snow glide

With bows we meet
prancing side to side

Comes the final dip
when our dance is done

As away we slip
with the setting sun.