Went Back To The Mirror

(image source: latoro.com)

I went back to looking
in the mirror today

Seeing if something different
to me it would say

Than what it did
just the other day

And the person I saw
had changed in some way

I didn’t find there
the one old and gray

But rather the leprechaun
came out to play

That bit of myself
had not gone to stay

With smirk on my lips
I took pleasure to say

Goodbye to my thoughts
of the other day!

Teresa Marie  12/14/11 ©

My Free Write Friday post of last Friday was a bit stuck on the outward appearance and my down mood, today when I looked, there was a different, more lighthearted person staring back  ~ and I thought I would share that person too 🙂


FWF; Take A Good Long Look At Yourself

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