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Story Challenge: Letter “H”

Story Challenge: Letter “H”

by frizztext

picture it & write # 37; Why

– bath ..
by ~aida-julia

I ran the heavy wet cloth over my shoulders. The water, although once scalding hot, had turned lukewarm. Scattered droplets on my body cooled within seconds. I was only delaying the inevitable and yet it took an hour for me to finish my bath. I didn’t want to face what was to come. I wanted the seconds to suspend themselves. Despite all my desires to halt time, it continued on, unperturbed. My life was about to be changed forever, whether for better or worse, and there was nothing I could do about it.

 Ermisenda Alvarez


Monday’s Quote From Jennifer Aniston

Dancing In The Rain (Revisited)

A Few Words For Today From Me To You

First, I wanted to share this thought for the day:

Secondly, I wanted to thank everyone for your ever gracious support and prayers!!  You are all such a blessing to me and I thank God for each and every one of you!!!!  Your thoughtfulness means so much to me.  Thank you again with all my heart!


Thirdly, after seeing all of the comments that have been left in my absence, I began to stress out over how many there were to reply to.  After a few minutes of arguing with myself about it, I decided that it was something that, although I’ve not ever done this before, I needed to not worry about. Therefore, if you have left a response for me in the last few days that has not been replied to, it probably won’t be for just this once, I promise to avoiding repeating this decision but I just don’t feel up to weeding my way through the over 60 comments that have been left over the last week.  I’m sorry, it doesn’t mean that I have not read them nor that I don’t appreciate them all!!  Please forgive me!

While I am feeling well enough to sit up for a short period of time, I was going to try to do a few posts.  God bless you all!!

Love and hugs, 


Missing In Action Again

Just wanted to confirm that I am still here, just missing in action!  Yes, I’m sick again 😦  I did call my doctors office and got both good and bad news.

The good news is that it probably is not my ulcers coming back,  thank you Jesus!

The bad new is that it is a virus that seems to be going around; that in my case is going around and around and around!!

Yesterday, I almost had Mark take me to the hospital because my stomach hurt so bad that I laid on the couch in fetal position for hours doubled up with pain.  This cycle around is much worse than the last time was!!

Today I still hurt but at least I can sit up for periods of time and so I thought I would get on here really quick and let you know what is going on.

Hope to be better tomorrow so that I can reply to all of your comments at least 🙂

Love and blessings to you all,


A Thought For Your Tuesday


You who are letting miserable misunderstandings run on from year to year, meaning to clear them up some day; you who are keeping wretched quarrels alive because you cannot quite make up your minds that now is the day to sacrifice your pride and kill them; you who are letting your neighbor starve until you hear that he is dying of starvation or letting your friend’s heart ache for a word of appreciation or sympathy, which you mean to give him some day; if you could only know and see and feel all of a sudden that time is short, how it would break the “spell.”  How you would go instantly and do the thing which you might never have another chance to do.


Phillips Brooks

Pandora’s Box Of Pain

*Dedicated to my dear friend, who shall remain nameless but who will know it’s for her: L, with love

Still With Us Today