Family Update About Court Today

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Well, we were jumping for joy this morning because our court hearings are over!!!!  Hallelujah and praise God!!!!!

Sara is officially now in our custody for good.  It was a quick hearing this morning at 8:30 am.  Although I have custody of Sara from now on, I was a little perturbed when we left because her dad had done absolutely nothing that he was ordered to the last time and she said nothing to him about it!  If it had been me, she probably would have thrown me in jail – since she has already done it to me twice before and that was just for failing to appear.  He directly violated her court order!

But, I’m not going to moan and groan about it.  I’m just happy to have it all done and over with!  Sara was happy, the Judge actually applauded us and said it was the best case she had had all week and she thanked us for “coming so far for Sara’s sake”.

I’ll take it without any more complaint!  Thank you Jesus!  And thank you to all of you who have been praying for us during the past year of turmoil!  God bless every one of you!

Love and hugs,


A Wednesday Update On Things

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Well, it’s been a while since I gave you a status report.  So here goes with the latest new from my household;

1)  As you have probably noticed already, I am starting to feel better.  My prayer is to stay that way this time and not relapse back into this virus again.  Of course, I have now traded for allergies flaring up but I already knew this was going to be a bad season for those with the high pollen counts in our area.  I’d rather deal with that than the gut wrenching pain I was in last week!!

2)  I talked to mom on Sunday and they are planning on leaving to come home on Saturday.  Dad’s doctor appointment is on Friday and barring any unforeseen travel concerns from him, they are more than ready to be back.  Dad said last week when I talked to him that if the doctor said to wait longer, he was going to tell him “See ya next year doc!”, lol.  That’s my dad.

Seriously, if he was not feeling as good as he is now, he wouldn’t chance it but he’s been doing great since they put the clamps on his ulcer!

3)  Penny has been home for 2 or 3 weeks now and doing well.  She had to make an appointment to go see a pain management specialist about her foot.  The more those nerves are waking up, the worse it hurts her.  They didn’t cut her there so we can only surmise that it is from the lack of blood circulation to it that has caused the damage there.

She will go back to Indy on Friday to have some skin graphs done on one of her legs and will be laid up for about a week but her son will come back to stay with her again while she recuperate.  All in all the doctor said her wounds are healing very well considering all the infection that was in there.

She also talked to an attorney about this whole mess and what could be done to make sure that other doctor is held responsible for what he did to her.

4)  Sara is doing pretty good.  Her grades are coming up and she seems in great spirits now that she has a “boyfriend”.  I’m not though!!!  lol, just kidding.  He seems to be a nice enough kid and so we’ll see what happens.

I made her an appointment to start getting some counseling too.  Long overdue but I kept forgetting ’cause I was sick.  My bad.  If her overall demeanor were not so good, I would have taken appropriate action but there has been no “emergency” to it.  Even if the court had not ordered it, I would have gotten her in to someone anyway to help her heal some of the scars that she has.

5)  Shawna is doing much better now.  She has a new job that she is learning and I think she will love it after the initial nervousness wears off.

Okay, I think that should cover everything except for one new development, Mark’s Uncle passed away on Monday (on his father’s side) and one of their other brothers is not doing well either.  Please say a prayer for them in their time of grief.

And, as always, thank you, my friends, for all your thoughts and prayers offered for each of these concerns over the last few months!!  You are a blessing to me and mine!!!

Love and hugs,


Thursday’s News Update

We have some things to celebrate today!

1)  Dad was released from the hospital again yesterday.  Mom took him home but said that he is very weak because he has lost so much weight from the liquid diet he’s been on.  The clamps are still holding, praise God, and he is now eating solid food.  His mind is still a mess but we are praying that is only a temporary state.

I told her to be sure and watch his stools and appetite closely and if she sees any change, get him back to the hospital right away.  I am believing that he will be coming home soon!

2)  Mark’s dad was released from the hospital yesterday evening.  I’m not sure how I feel about that since they did not determine what had caused the extreme pain he was in and his whole experience with the doctors at that particular hospital was less than encouraging.  Should it re-occur, I will suggest they go to the Sister’s of Franciscan Catholic Hospital next time!

3)  Penny is doing much better.  I had a long conversation with her yesterday, during which we both became tearful.  As the discussion progressed from how close she came to dying to what the doctors had told her down at Methodist, I was enraged.  I am NOT a person who is suit crazy but told her that she MUST taken action against this doctor up here so that he does not do this to someone else and that she is not responsible to pay for all of these surgeries, hospital bills, and future care that will be required.

The first bypass she had almost 2 months ago was a disaster.  The doctor left all kinds of pieces of plastic in her groin.  That is what caused the sepsis!  And the fact that they never caught it up here with the second surgery is appalling!!  Penny is now looking at having to go to a rehab facility for a couple of weeks and then in-home nursing care for a while after that; she has a vacuum pump that she will have to wear for approximately 6 months to suck out the infection; she will be on an IV drip of antibiotics for 6 months and then orally for another 6 months or more until they are 100% sure that all infection is gone from her body.

She is still in a lot of pain from all the incisions on her body but we hope and pray that this is the last time she will have to endure any of this!!!!

I am anxious for her to be home as well as my dad.  They only live about 8 blocks from each other, thankfully, and I will be able to check in on them both regularly.

4)  My eldest daughter has had a complete turn around in all her trials right now and things are looking up.  She was out here with me for most of the day yesterday.  We got her online to put in some job applications.  Hoping and praying that she will get one of them and have a regular 8-5 job and paycheck to better be able to budget her life while caring for her two children.  I am happy to say that she and her ex-husband work well together for the benefit of the kids and pray that it continues.

5) Next is my son’s turn.  He and I will be getting together today or tomorrow to talk about how to get his life back on track and find him a good job too so that he can support himself and his son.

I don’t mean to sound like a broken record again, but I do want to be sure to thank you all for the support and prayers that you have been offering up for me, my family and friends!!  The power of prayer is evident in this post.  Though I know it from personal experience myself, I want you too know it too!!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

All praise, glory and honor be His forever and ever!  Amen

Love and blessings to all,


I Am Officially Losing It Now – PRAY For My Dad!!!! PLEASE

Okay everybody, I feel like a broken record with the prayer requests here but I am officially freaking out now.  I was worried enough about Penny as it is.

I just got off the phone with mom.  I called to see if dad was eating any better yet and she informed me that they were back to the hospital and he had just gotten out of surgery!!!  I don’t know what’s going on!  She said she would call me back.

I HATE THIS!!!  I can’t jump in the car and drive over to the hospital ’cause it’s 1200 miles away!!!

I called one of my brothers and he had just gotten off work.  He knows nothing of what’s going on either.

We were at about the same place; dad wasn’t eating or sleeping well a couple of days ago.

I NEED A DRINK!!!!  Oh, wait a minute, I quit drinking over 20 years ago, lol!

Please add my dad to your thoughts and prayers today as well as Penny!  Both of our families thank you!

With love and tears,


Thank You All So Much! – Update on Dad

Wow, it’s been a long stressful day.  As a matter of fact, the stress gave me a huge headache and so I slept for a few hours this afternoon while waiting for mom to call me back with a report.

The think that they have found the source of dad’s bleeding, an ulcer in his stomach.  Praise God!!!  Much less serious that what we had thought of as possibilities.


They will keep him under observation a treatment for a couple more days and then release him as long as everything goes well with the medication that put him on and the bleeding has stopped.


That’s what we know so far.  Thanks for all your kind words and prayers!!!  I am truly blessed by them and you all!!


Until tomorrow, 


30 Day Letter Writing Challenge; Letter 3 – Parents


There’s so much about
my parents I could say

But to tell the details
there is just no way

I’d have to write a novel
to be able to cover all

That they’ve done for me
and it would not be small

My parents are the rock
on which I’ve been built

While many tears over me
have been by them spilt

To say there were times
that I’ve done them wrong

Would be an understatement
in the short and long

And it isn’t easy to
 have to say it’s true

But if I didn’t then
I’d be lying to you

I have made them suffer
more than a daughter should

And I would take it back
if in any way I could

In alcohol and drugs
I once lost my way

For which my parents have
been often ones to pay

 I don’t just mean in money
though that included too

But rather in the heartache
that I have put them through

Yet I have been forgiven
and my slate is clean

For my complete turn around
they have now clearly seen

Although my love of them
I did not always show

It is my hope and prayer
that I’ve made them know

And I take the time
in my life today

To try to show them
in every kind of way!!

Teresa Marie  1/16/12 ©

I love you very much Mom and Dad!

Thanks for always being there for me!!


She Wants To Feed – Part Two

I stepped back away from her outstretched hand.  The voice in my head had struck a nervous chord with me.  “Don’t touch me please,” I said even though every fiber of my being wanted to step forward to receive it.  I want, no, I craved her touch.  My greatest desire at this moment was to be caressed, soothed, something – anything that would make me feel loved and wanted.

“Why not?” she somewhat snapped the word off with a bite.  I heard the meeting of her teeth together like the nipping of a dog.  It was done with such force that I jumped a little at the sound.

“Oh, no offense intended!  I just get like that sometimes,” came my weak reply though I doubt that it was very convincing.  I’m not a good liar to begin with and, secondly, I was sure that she knew the reality was quite the contrary.

There was something else that was beginning to unsettle me too and that was, as she had begun her approach, she seemed to become shrouded in shadow except for her eyes.  They were lit up and actually appeared to be glowing a neon green color, which only served to make the whole situation that much more eery. 

Also a steadily increasing rage seemed to emanate from her.  I was totally confused with this new persona that I was encountering.  Before this she had always seemed to be spiritual, holy, angelic almost and now she was frightening.  The voice in my head was speaking again, “She wants to feed on your hatred, forgive your step-mother.  It’s the only way to keep yourself safe!”

It was hard enough to fight the urge to succumb to the girl but forgive my step-mother after everything that she had said about me and done to me, never!  She had made my life a living hell for the last 3 years and tried to get me put away on the “funny farm” more than once, how could I forgive her for all that?  I’d rather rot in hell first.


Teresa Marie   11/13/11

Just Run Away

If I could just run away
and escape my fear and pain

If it’s only for one day
then I might not go insane

Dear Lord, You must help me
or I won’t make it through

Mommy, why can’t I be happy?
That’s all I want to do

I am sorry that I cry
seems every time we talk

But on you do I rely
to push me when I balk

Oh Mommy, Mommy, dear Mommy
you make me laugh out loud

That’s why I call, you see,
you make me strong and proud

No matter how bad I feel
when I pick up the phone

My sadness you will steal
and I know I’m not alone!

Teresa Marie  8/11/11

For you, Shawna Marie, with all my love!