More Family Pictures to Share and a Quick Update:

More from the 60th Anniversary Party:

Keith, Kevin, Hugh, me
Dad, Mom, and Kate 

Mark, me and Shawna

Kevin’s Family

Keith’s Family

Kate and Cullen


My children, grandchildren and step-children:

Blaine and Trenton

Emily and Christopher

Krista and Kayla (Mark’s daughters)

Ashlyn (Sara’s sister)

And this is my Aunt Marge who recently passed away, with my cousin Nini:


Due to the fact that I am sitting here light headed because of the heat index rising and no air-conditioning at the moment (not to mention the risk to my computer); I will be posting late at night for the next few days until Mark gets our window units put in.  During the cooler hours, I will be able to sit here and do this without exposing the computer to undue stress and my body.

Sorry if this causes any confusion but we do what we have to at times like this 🙂

Love and blessings to all,

They Will Be Loved

* I meant to post this yesterday and forgot it.   With Mother’s Day upon us, and Father’s Day approaching, I began thinking about the couples who can’t have children.  I have a cousin who was adopted as a matter of fact.  

With the unprecedented numbers of abortions happening in these “modern times”, it is very hard for these couples to adopt infant children.  My heart breaks for them.  Many of these couples have the means to support several children, if they could just find them.

What is also unfortunate is the growing number of older children who are being abandoned and put into the system because people don’t want to take on a child/adolescent who already has issues that need to be addressed.  This is a crying shame!!

Is this not a statement of the decline of our society in America?  I can’t help but think that the more “liberal” we become, the more we fall short of morality, compassion, and charity.  And the more we fall short, the more selfish and self-centered our society is.

Maybe it’s my age; being raised Catholic; or my Irish heritage (the Irish are known for their compassionate nature).  I don’t know which, nor do I really care, I just think this is the worst state I have ever seen this country in and it is sad!!

Love and hugs, 


Teach Our Sons and Daughters

*image sources: 1); 2) unknown other than fellow blogger

Now more than ever each
parent needs to teach

Their son or daughter
whether mother or father

The right way to act
the meaning of tact

The way to treat each other
boyfriend, girlfriend, sister, brother

Society is falling apart
lost is the kindness art

Boys, girls, women and men meet
but fail with dignity them to treat

The other as a living soul
who deserves respect on a whole

At least until they’re busted
as one to not be trusted

I think the magic charm
is to teach “do no harm”

If we do, then just maybe
the way to treat a lady

Will not be totally lost
at such an expensive cost!

Teresa Marie 2/15/12 ©

For My Father

My Father Is:

Someone that you run to
when things have gone bad
and someone who holds you
when you are feeling sad

The one who heard you cry
when somebody had hurt you
Someone who tells you why
those things you shouldn’t do

Someone who is always there
though you don’t deserve it
and handles you with care
when on his lap you sit

Someone who will just listen
when you need him to
Reminds you when you’re forgettin’
to do what you should do

I love my father dearly
for always being there
and I now see clearly
the devotion that we share

Although I’ve failed to show you
as often as I should
Dad I’d never trade you
even if I could

‘Cause God gave you to me
chosen as my perfect dad
You’re what a father should be
and the best that could be had!

Teresa Marie   6/18/11

My Wednesday Thoughts – Honor and Respect


As you probably have noticed, I have been posting quite a bit about American Servicemen/Veterans lately.  I have already stated before the reason this is dear to my heart is because of the service of members in my family.  They deserve our honor and respect every day instead of just one or two days a year.

Having said that, there are millions of others who also deserve the same that we fail to honor at all.  They have no national holiday set aside for them.  There are no marching bands or parades to show our respect for them.  But there should be because they are heroes also.  Who am I talking about?  Well let me just list what comes to mind right now:

Firefighters; EMTs; Nurses; Doctors; Chaplains – Medics – Corpsmen in the service; police officers; the unknown regular people who rush into danger to save another’s life without thought or regard for their own; teachers who put their all into educating their students; the parents that go the extra mile to be involved in their children’s lives and spend quality/quantitative time with them; the organ donor who saves a life with their passing; just to name a few.  I know there are many others that I have failed to recognize here and please forgive me for the neglect. 

There is also One who does have a few days set aside for Their honor but I must add Them to the list anyway, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  Without His sacrifice for us, nothing else in this world would have meaning, all glory be His Name!  Until tomorrow…

Always remember that Jesus died for us because He loves us!

With all due respect to those listed above and those not,
Teresa Marie