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In Solitude – Short Story Slam Week 19

It is in solitude
I come here to pray

“Lord, give me the fortitude
to hold on another day!”

From Him I beg for
the strength to carry on

When the one I did adore
from my life is gone

Everything to him I gave
but he ‘s left me behind

And now only God can save
what is left of my mind

When it’s our love we give
and they throw it away

 Often lost is will to live
steeped in the pain of they

“So, dear Lord, give it back
that I might clearly see

‘Twas not because of my lack
that they have now left me

Give me one who loves me more
with passion’s fire like the sun

On the road ahead before
my life is said and done!”

Teresa Marie  1/18/12 ©

For all of my suffering friends,
you know who you are,
and I love you each and every one!

Touch Enough

I remember the days
we couldn’t touch enough

Being away from you
was always so rough

And every little moment
together we would spend

Those are the days
thought would never end

But seems that life
gets in the way

As we go on
living it each day

Still need to touch
much as we can

Even though it’s not
what we did plan

And yet our love
does continues to grow

With the sedated passion
old married folk know!

Teresa Marie  10/20/11

A Rose I Hold


A red rose I hold
in my hand for you

It represents all the love
that I give to you

It’s red as my heart
that’s yours with every beat

The color of my face
the day we first did meet

And it’s of a shade
that is lush and deep

Just as my love for you
is ever your’s to keep

So please will you accept
this rose that you see

As I pledge my heart 
to you for eternity!

Teresa Marie   9/3/11

I love you Mark



My passion stirred
with words heard

Igniting the fire
deep longing desire

Yours am I
with breathless sigh

As a dream
does this seem

What I feel
can’t be real

This love exists
my heart insists

So you may do
what you want to

Take of me
for eternity!

Teresa Marie  8/31/11


Your kiss so sweet
on my lips lingers

The gentle caress
of your fingers

Words of love
whispered in my ear

Many years later
can I still hear

Your sweet embraces
full of strength

Your body enfolds me
within its length

In your eyes
the passion I see

Your kiss deep
making love to me

Say you’re mine
forever to keep

I thank God
before drifting to sleep!

Teresa Marie   8/29/11

Left Standing Alone

You left me standing alone

The church was full today

The ringing of my cell phone

I wanted to run away

I’m sorry’s all you said

With so many staring faces

Wished you were dead

A tear my cheek traces

Was none of it meant?

The passion was it fake?

When we lay together spent

Was all a big mistake?

Hate you for doing this

Should have told me before

And given me a kiss

Before you hit the door.

Teresa Marie  8/16/11

Poetry Potluck Week 48:
Passionate Nights of Love

My Ship

I have waited and waited
down here by the sea
for your ship to come in
darling, where can you be?

As my tears fall softly
they mix with the rain
did your ship wreck
and are you in pain?

Thoughts of our passionate
nights of love-making
run through my head
yet my heart is breaking

I look to the horizon
but my effort’s in vain
though your ship’s not there
with all hope I remain

My darling, my husband
where can you be?
Forever will I wait
for you by the sea.

Teresa Marie  8/16/11

Poetry Potluck Week 48 Entry

My Love, I’ll Never Forget

Poetry Potluck Week 48 Theme:
Passionate Nights of Love

My love, I will never forget
the first time our lips met

When love we fell into
and hot our desire grew

In passionate love we lay
together on our wedding day

Your caresses on my skin set
like the softest kind of velvet

As I shivered with every touch
until it all became too much

Through trembling lips I did sigh
that in ecstasy I could die

How closely you held me
said this is no fantasy

You are the love of my life
I’m blessed to be your wife!

Teresa Marie  8/14/11