What’s Set Before Me

A Verse For Your Saturday From Psalms

Crooked Path

I won’t be posting today due to illness.  Hopefully will be back tomorrow, but I’ll leave you with one I wrote yesterday:

Forks – Haiku

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Destiny Found – Haiku

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Destiny is found

Not by us looking around

Rather up instead

Teresa Marie  1/23/12 ©


Lead The Way

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Throughout my life
I can now see

The balancing act
that it can be

And I think that
most would agree

I haven’t walked
 it very carefully

 I know not what
ahead I’ll find

But I am aware
what I’ve left behind

I’m blessed to not
have lost my mind

Through mistakes made
of every kind

The booze and drugs
that I did use

To ease my pain
have no excuse

And the years
of my abuse

By one who forever
does me accuse

I’m lucky that
I am still here

God has a purpose
for me it’s clear

I know He does
my direction steer 

 For He’s protected
His child as dear

So as I go
on my way

Through this life
day by day

I know my angels
will lead the way

To whatever path
before me lay!

Teresa Marie 1/16/12 ©