A Fairyland

Secret Door

*image source: fantasyartdesign.com


Barrier Between

image source: dreamies.com

‘Twas the craziest thing
that I’d ever seen
when there had appeared
a barrier in between

A world of magic
and then this one
where pixies and fairies
were frolicking in fun

I tried touching to
see what it’d do
in the hopes maybe
I could pass through

But, alas, ’twas there
I could not go
to this other world
that I didn’t know

Which only served to
make me so sad
it was only a
fantasy to be had

As I watched those
little imps in play
wanting just to be
a child for a day

And let my imagination
carry me there to
the place in adulthood
I no longer knew

So the decision I
made in the end
was I’m not too old
for “let’s play pretend!”

Teresa Marie  12/26/11 ©


Emerald Is The Name

Emerald is the name
Beauty is my claim
From whence I came
Emerald Isle of fame

Ire’ land of legend
Leprachauns around each bend
Gold at rainbow’s end
Which they all defend

Pixies and fairies too
Enchantment is offered you
Castles you might view
Spotted the country through

For music we’re renowned
It’s heard all around
Having a magical sound
Unlike anything you’ve found

With laughter our way
Even on darkest day
As the music play
We dance the night away!

Teresa Marie  9/23/11


Week 10 Theme: Nature, Mountains, Rivers, and Forests #3

Storybook Fairytales

When I was a child
as many children often do
thought stories of the wild
and fairy tales were true

The unicorn of fable
and the enchanted wood
with fairies always able
working magic for our good

As there the pixies play
all around the ivory tower
where the sleeping princess lay
waiting for the midnight hour 

When her white shining knight
would ride upon his steed
slay the dragon with his might
and with a kiss be freed

How I long that the past
with its simple childish pleasure
throughout this life would last
to enjoy it at our leasure.

Teresa Marie  8/2/11