Catching Bugs

Once into the wood
out I had set
 with a couple of jars
and my little net

I thought I’d go
catch me some bugs
I had one moth
and a couple of slugs

But then I saw
or I thought so
the light of a firefly
starting to glow

So with my net
I chased it around
until I trapped it
against the soft ground

When I opened a jar
and dropped it in
my jaw fell open
as air I sucked in

To let out a whistle
for what was there
was not a bug
I do declare

But rather a fairy
stared back at me
from inside that jar
in complete misery

I saw her crying
and started to pout
when I realized I must
let her back out

I grasped the lid
and twisted it slow
as I wiped a tear
before more could go

I said to her
“Go on, you’re free”
then she flew out
and sat on  my knee

We became friends
as we talked
flying beside me
while home I walked

She comes every night
just to see me
right through the window
in my fantasy!

Teresa Marie  8/13/11

Short Story Slam Week 6 – Two Peas In A Pod

The elephant and the dog
the weirdest of friends agreed
but two peas in a pod
are best of friends indeed

From when they were just babies
through each and every day
you could always find them together
as they would run and play

Although they were so different
they didn’t seem to care
’cause things like that don’t matter
when you learn how to share

As their parents watched them
they must have looked so odd
but I am quite certain
they were blessed by God

So as you gaze into the stars
on some cool country night
think of the dog and elephant 
as your imagination takes flight

Terri 7/20/11