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Viewpoint (Haiku)


* I wrote this poem for all three of my children who are struggling right now with their self…  meaning; self-image, -esteem, -worth, etc.

The things that people do and say to us/about us are so very damaging to our psyche.  Even when we know at times what they are saying is false, it still hurts us.  We are left wondering why they would say or do that to us and eventually work it around in our minds where the finger is pointing back at us; like we must have done something to cause them to act that way.

The reality of it is that, often times, it is their problem and not ours.  People can just plain be mean for many reasons; self-loathing, anger issues, jealousy, selfishness, vindictive, etc.  But any way you slice it, we all have effects on each other, whether good or bad.

We need to keep this in mind at all times (including myself) when we open our mouths.  We need our words to be chosen more carefully and not speak out in anger.  To coin an old phrase, “we need to zip it!”  Because, when we don’t, the damage we do lasts for much longer than our anger usually does!

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Crooked Path

I won’t be posting today due to illness.  Hopefully will be back tomorrow, but I’ll leave you with one I wrote yesterday:

The Exclamation Point


The exclamation point
I have often used
there’s even times
it I have abused.

Whenever I want
my point to drive
home to another
I use it to arrive

At an understanding
between them and me
I use the exclamation
for them to see

I’ll stand behind
the point that I make
and no argument
from them will I take!

Teresa Marie   8/31/11

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