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I’m Celebrating Milestones Today!

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Okay, I know this is tooting my own horn but I just couldn’t help it!

As of today:

I have surpassed 375,000 hits

I have also surpassed 2,300 posts

Between all of my sites that I’m linked into; including those not counted in my followers by WordPress; I have just hit the 800  total followers mark!

I am absolutely thrilled and would like to thank each and every one of you for making this possible for me!!!!

When I first started this blog a little over a year ago, I never dreamed that I would have this much success with it.  But, I told God that I was doing it for His glory and if He found it pleasing, He would bless it.  I think He has!!!

God bless you all too!

love and hugs,


My Thursday Thoughts – Yippee!

Yippee because I get to go pick Sara up from school today!  I wish I felt better but, at least, I don’t feel as bad as I have 🙂 

I just want to shoot you all a quick note on what’s going on since I have been absent for the last few days except to put out some quick animal posts and such. 

I hope to get a poem or maybe two out later this afternoon/evening.

See you later,