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Change For A Dollar – Via Mom – Warning, It Will Make You Cry!

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The Streets At Night

Walk the streets at night
but I am not afraid
for our Lord and Savior
my price has already paid

I go out there among
the lowly and down trodden
whom the world in general
has just as well forgotten

When people have no home
nor any food to eat
sleeping in a cardboard box
there in some alley street

There are some who think
the fault is their own
because of drugs or alcohol
they have lost their home

But that is the furthest
from what is really true
when they lost their job
couldn’t pay the mortgage due

So I walk the streets
at night to give hope
I tell them of Jesus
and how He helps to cope!

Teresa Marie  10/10/11


Silence Me

You can never
silence me forever

I will speak out
not whisper but shout

The injustice of all
the innocent that fall

Upon whom you prey
all through every day

For children they are
not adults by far

Just little girls who
deserve better than you

Although you beat me
you’ll never defeat me

As their plight I
to high heaven cry

Letting the world know
their charity to show

The injusice of it all
is my heart’s call

I want everyone to see
this is a tragedy!

Teresa Marie   10/9/11

Written for The Girl Effect, see more at:

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The Girl Effect Blogging Event Via Ermi and Elia


Being a girl is hard enough without the extra pressures put on girls in poverty.  Women, remember being twelve?  No one expected you to be an adult and hopefully your biggest medical worry was the flu.  Men, could you imagine your sister, niece, daughter, or granddaughter married off at twelve, separated from her family and loved ones?  It is easy to sit back in our recliners and forget that not everyone gets to choose when they are married.

The world is not equal.  Did you know, according to The Girl Effect website “[l]ess than two cents of every international aid dollar is directed to girls.”

Less than two cents.

Today, more than 600 million girls live in the developing world.  Talk about untapped potential since aprox. three quarters of them are not in school and one in seven is married off before she turns fifteen.  The Girl Effect Campaign is not just about letting these girls experience childhood and grow into productive and healthy adults, but also the impact they will have on their families, their communities, and their countries, as adults.  Girls can become anything, policy makers, doctors, lawyers, but not if they continue to be overlooked and their potential squandered.

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So Poor

Some people are so poor they only have money!

Ivor Powell

Some people are so poor
because of what they adore

And put that love into
everything they say and do

By desire of silver and gold
they grow calloused and cold

For they pursue after money
as their land of milk and honey

Blinded by greed for wealth
they only do fail themself

When it does last for eternity
to forfiet your soul to the enemy.

Teresa Marie   7/1/11