Miraculous Power (and Update)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter Sunday!!  I wanted to give you all something more to celebrate; the power of prayer and the goodness of God!!

1)  I spoke to Penny’s son a couple of hours ago.  They finally got her off the ventilator yesterday and she is awake and responding well.  Her foot has full color and warmth again.  The infection and pneumonia seem to be under control enough that they plan to take her out of the ICU tomorrow.  They told the family that she is recovering much, much better than what was expected!!  They all thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

2)  I spoke to Mom about an hour ago.  Although dad’s mind is still messed up and his blood pressure skyrocketed last night, they went in to look at the ulcer and the clamps seem to be holding in place.  He has not lost any more blood.  The pressure is back down today and he is resting comfortably.  If everything continues as it is now, they will be taking him out of the ICU tomorrow as well!!  My family thanks you for your thoughtfulness and prayers!  They have been reading the comments left and have been blessed by your compassion.

3)  My eldest is beginning to get her feet back under her again.  Though she is still a bit emotional, she has better control of herself now.  She thanks you for your prayers too!!

4)  Sara had a good week at school.  No bullying.  The school did a presentation on it and sent letters home to the parents about it with the report cards.  I am pleased with their response to this growing concern.  She thanks you for your prayers.

5)  I have breathed many sighs of relief today!!!!  I could never have made it through without the support of you all, with thoughts, prayers and encouragement!!!  I am humbled and truly blessed by your overwhelming response!  


Love and blessings to all,



What Lies Behind?

*image source: dreamworlds.ru

Strength and Power

Whatever be the task
that does lay ahead
there’s one thing that
always can be said

You are never too small
nor it’s ever so great
you cannot be triumphant
in your war on hate

For it is God alone
Who holds all the power
and He stands behind you
every minute of the hour

Be strong in the Lord
for you need not fear
He gives to you power
when you keep Him near!

Teresa Marie 9/3/11

Give You The World

I’ll give you the world
right here in my hand
with all of its riches
in both sea and land

You need only to follow
and walk in my way
for it to be yours
right from this very day

I know you want it
what’s God given to you?
You live like a pauper
do you really want to?

You’ll have it now
just think of everything
that the whole world
will to you bring

You need only to
just say the word
and it is yours
soon as I’ve heard

Give me your soul
I’ll take in trade
it is a small price
for it to be paid!

Teresa Marie  8/25/11

The Monster Within


There’s a green-eyed monster
within us all
who’s there just waiting
for us to call

He lies dormant
deep down inside
and his time
does he bide

Until the rise
of our jealousy
fans the flames
to burning envy

And then we will
let him out
That his poison
we’ll scream and shout

When nothing good
in him does dwell
for he’s a demon
straight from hell

God did command us
to keep him away
that he does not
lead us astray

So always remember
we  have the power
to slay that monster
every day and hour!

Teresa Marie  8/13/11