Family Update About Court Today

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Well, we were jumping for joy this morning because our court hearings are over!!!!  Hallelujah and praise God!!!!!

Sara is officially now in our custody for good.  It was a quick hearing this morning at 8:30 am.  Although I have custody of Sara from now on, I was a little perturbed when we left because her dad had done absolutely nothing that he was ordered to the last time and she said nothing to him about it!  If it had been me, she probably would have thrown me in jail – since she has already done it to me twice before and that was just for failing to appear.  He directly violated her court order!

But, I’m not going to moan and groan about it.  I’m just happy to have it all done and over with!  Sara was happy, the Judge actually applauded us and said it was the best case she had had all week and she thanked us for “coming so far for Sara’s sake”.

I’ll take it without any more complaint!  Thank you Jesus!  And thank you to all of you who have been praying for us during the past year of turmoil!  God bless every one of you!

Love and hugs,


Abandon Praise

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Along the shore I danced
and with great abandon praise

The Lord of my life
as thanksgiving for His grace

Being unaware of the time
 I pranced around through space

The joy of my abandon
could nothing there displace

And all through the sand
my footprints you could trace

Even though the evening tide
did some of them erase

The warmth of the sun
I felt upon my face

As ever up and down
the shore in dance I race

The pleasure of His presence
I found in this place

Told me He was watching
my abandon dance of praise!

Teresa Marie  12/2/11


Let Me Count The Ways

Why do I love you
let me count the ways:

Because you’re always there
whenever I need you
showing me you care
with all kindness too

Because you have loved me
with no thought of selfishness
I come first to thee
how my life you bless

Because my children are
like unto your own
which exceeds by far
what I’ve done alone

Because you married me
when for my recovery
no hope did see
you acted so selflessly

Just wanting to tell you
in oh so many ways
all I want to do
is sing your loving praise!

For my husband Mark, my love!!

Teresa Marie  10/13/11

Who Could Stand Against You?

Alone in the dark
make your own spark

And faith to ignite
create your own light

In your darkest days
give the Lord praise

When He’s with you
none stand against you

Alone you’ll never be
when you belong to He!

Teresa Marie  10/13/11

Angels Dance In Praise

Angels dance in praise
of our Almighty King

As the angel choir
worship songs do sing

How I do wish
that I could hear

The sounds of heaven
in earthly life here

Can you just imagine
if we danced along

With those angels all
joining them in song?

What a joyous world
truly it could be

As God saw us all
dancing to His majesty!

Teresa Marie  10/6/11

The Country Church

There’s a little country church
that sits across the way
and every Sunday morning
you hear the people pray

It’s such a lovely setting
the grass is always green
unlike like anything else
that I have ever seen

I’ve thought many times
it truly must be blessed
 and seems to be inviting
me to be its guest

I think one day soon
that I’ll go wander in
sing praise to the Lord
and confess all my sin.

Teresa Marie  8/4/11